HubMob Weekly topic: Men

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  1. Princessa profile image80
    Princessaposted 14 years ago

    HubMob Weekly topic: Men

  2. cashmere profile image78
    cashmereposted 14 years ago

    When I read the topic for this week's hubmob, a rush of emotions ran through me. Men the opposite sex! There's so much material here that it would take us a hub a day for the rest of the year to do it justice. However we only have one week, so let's... read more

  3. travelespresso profile image68
    travelespressoposted 14 years ago

    Raising boys as a single woman can be challenging.  Who will they "mirror" to develop their unique maleness, who will they model for relationships?  These are concerns to be overcome when raising boys to men alone so the circle of life can continue. read more

  4. Anath profile image62
    Anathposted 14 years ago

    knowledge is power; if you know the truth about men you might even be able to work those ugly traits to your advantage. read more

  5. wavegirl22 profile image49
    wavegirl22posted 14 years ago

    Who are TV's sexiest men? It is not hard to understand why the guys on this list have the "it" factor. Patrick Demsepsy could be my all time favorite piece of guy candy. Jon Hamm as Mr, Donald Draper reeks of sexy. Check this lineup of TV hottest most sexy leading men of TV. read more

  6. NaomiR profile image76
    NaomiRposted 14 years ago

    Having a gay best friend may be trendy, but my Gay BFF, Scott, is awesome. I'm lucky to have him as my GBF. read more

  7. KCC Big Country profile image83
    KCC Big Countryposted 14 years ago

    Women find men in uniform virtually irresistible. Why is that? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? What is it about a sharp-dressed man that makes a grown woman weak in the knees? Why does an otherwise articulate woman suddenly feel she has a... read more

  8. Sue Adams profile image95
    Sue Adamsposted 14 years ago

    For this week's topic "Men" one video says it all:

    Enjoy, have a good laugh.


  9. elayne001 profile image80
    elayne001posted 14 years ago

    Story of young Polynesian boy who was born on a tiny island and has become a great family man. Tongan man became educated and is able to take care of family. read more

  10. elayne001 profile image80
    elayne001posted 14 years ago

    Here's another I wrote earlier - not sure if we can add two.

  11. Hmrjmr1 profile image69
    Hmrjmr1posted 14 years ago

    We all can take a moment or two to look at the lives of those we loved and lost, to see the lessons they gave us. Here are few from a widower that may help you. read more

  12. stricktlydating profile image84
    stricktlydatingposted 14 years ago

    He shaved EVERYTHING but I LOVE hairy men: … ther-South

  13. profile image0
    lyricsingrayposted 14 years ago

    many men is the title of this weeks hubmob - I cannot find the question but have worked half way through a hub formed from this box on Monday.

    here's to Many Men!

  14. prettydarkhorse profile image56
    prettydarkhorseposted 14 years ago

    Contrary to the popular belief that men are insensitive, they don’t listen, jerk, self centered or you name it bad attitudes, they are not like that at all only if you understand where they are coming from.
    Men are not from Mars afterall
    Yes,... read more

  15. Artin2010 profile image66
    Artin2010posted 14 years ago

    Used to be that the man of the house went out and worked. He brought in the money, paid the bills, bought the groceries and the diapers.More and more these days the woman is the professional and often times brings more income into the household than... read more

  16. NaomiR profile image76
    NaomiRposted 14 years ago

    I first met Jon in college and we're now going on 10 years of marriage. Here are some secrets for a happy marriage and our story of how we've had a happy, long marriage. read more

  17. febriedethan profile image80
    febriedethanposted 14 years ago

    More than himself, a Father would like his children have more opportunities, face just a few difficulties, more independent and (but) always need his presence.  Daddy only ask you to do the work you like. Daddy let you win the game when you were... read more

  18. Glenn Stok profile image96
    Glenn Stokposted 14 years ago

    Commitment issues can be based on things that are overlooked.  This discussion of personal experience adds some clarity. read more

  19. Mikewerk profile image62
    Mikewerkposted 14 years ago

    Funny, I just got done writing a Hub which relates to this not knowing what this weeks HubMob theme was.  At any rate, here it is!


  20. Shirley Anderson profile image71
    Shirley Andersonposted 14 years ago

    Why mad about men?  Everyone has at least one man in their lives.  Could be a father, brother, husband, get the idea.

    This week's HubMob is a tribute to men.  These hubs will shine a light on their strengths, their foibles and more. read more

  21. Laura du Toit profile image76
    Laura du Toitposted 14 years ago

    International Men’s Day was first celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago on 19 November 1999 and was supported by the United Nations.

    International Men's Day was conceived and coordinated by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh from the University of West Indies at the Families in Action headquarters in Newtown, Port of Spain.Today this very special day is recognized and supported by men's groups in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. read more

  22. skye2day profile image69
    skye2dayposted 14 years ago

    Everyone likes to be pampered on occasion. Men going into a Hair Salon is not old school. Men are the most loyal of clientele in my chair. I salute them because they in general are most courteous and loyal fans. read more

  23. NaomiR profile image76
    NaomiRposted 14 years ago

    My uncle Sid Robin was a well-known big band musician who wrote the jazz standard Undecided. He was also in the musical This Is The Army. Here is my story of Sid Robin. read more

  24. Lady_E profile image63
    Lady_Eposted 14 years ago

    A look at Shaun Wright-Phillips, the adopted son of Ian Wright. Ian has made a star out of his son, giving him full support and encouragement. Also, details of the match b/w England and Brazil in November - in which Shaun Wright Phillips also played.
    14 November 09 read more

  25. Princessa profile image80
    Princessaposted 14 years ago

    Drive him wild and get him completely crazy with this easy phrases read more

  26. Jane Grey profile image82
    Jane Greyposted 14 years ago

    "Honor your father and your mother, that you may live long in the land."  Our culture is barren of honor. We have no idea what it means to honor another person, much less do we seek to honor those who deserve it, and even less do we come close to... read more

  27. scowan4738 profile image60
    scowan4738posted 14 years ago

    In a rephrasing of an old Tammy Wyennette song "I stand by my man".  Many women bash their husbands but I can't/don't.  Why? Because he has been so supportive of me.  In 1945 I went back to school to become and addictions counselor.  It took six years of me working full time and going to school full time to reach my goal.  Now I am a LCSW working in an addictions treatment program.  When I returned to school my husband who was retired and unable to find work became the house husband.  He cooks, cleans, does the laundry, mows the lawn, maintains the cars.  Because my current job has me work at both lunch and supper he packs them for me every day.  He also helps keep all of our electronic gadgets working.  So no ladies I can't say anything bad about my husband and never enough good.

  28. peachtreemom09 profile image60
    peachtreemom09posted 13 years ago

    I had just finished one I wrote earlier about 2 men that mean so much to me! Here goes:

  29. Lady_Editor profile image60
    Lady_Editorposted 13 years ago

    My father raised my sister and me to be God-fearing women with high moral standards.  He became an ordained minister when I was just a little girl, and he guided me toward Jesus Christ and His offer of everlasting life.  The way my father did that was by being a living example of the qualities he taught me.  Patience, love, hope, perseverance . . . you know, all the great qualities we all admire.  At the age of seven, I understood the sacrifice Jesus made for me and wanted to join His family.  My father was right there to help me know the words to say in the prayer of salvation.  He's been there for me when I struggled to understand things about the Bible or about life in general.  He's been my earthly rock as Jesus has been my heavenly one.  My father has been a great role model for me, and I love him very much.  He always had high expectations for me to try to reach, and strive for those goals I did.  I have turned out to be a woman with high expectations in life and high moral standards that I live out daily in my life.  My father taught me to be a living example of God's love toward those around me, and that is one lesson I will never forget.  God bless you, each and every one who reads this!

    ~ Andrea Cox

  30. hot indian woman profile image61
    hot indian womanposted 13 years ago
  31. jj200 profile image64
    jj200posted 13 years ago

    I missed the boat by a whole solstice. I thought this was the one for this week. Oh well, here's mine: … nce-of-Men

  32. Uriel profile image72
    Urielposted 13 years ago

    The sky wasn't looking so promising. It was pouring rain like all heaven was about to fall over my head. I heard lightening and thunder all over the place yet i was determined to walk straight up to him and just get it all over. I mean i have been... read more

  33. PaulaHenry1 profile image65
    PaulaHenry1posted 13 years ago

    Ah men, we love them. But do we have to love their mother too?

    Be careful how you answer that or at least don’t answer it with him in earshot. read more

  34. Pounds Away profile image58
    Pounds Awayposted 13 years ago

    My husband is my rock!  Being a VP of a company and traveling about once a week a month.  He truly is my saving grace.  He takes care of our son, and makes our house a better place to come home to.  He is amazing - I pray that everyone can find someone like him.

  35. wierdlywonderful profile image60
    wierdlywonderfulposted 13 years ago

    My husband is my heart. I wasn't sure how solid our marriage was until I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago. He has definitely seen the worst of me and I believe he loves me even more. Tears still come to his eyes when he talks about my treatment. He has held my hand and walked the floor with me, he has taken me to every doctor's appointment and sang to me when I couldn't stop crying. He makes me laugh when I'm too serious and affirms our love each day of our lives. I've never known anyone else like him and probably never will. He is truly one in a million.

  36. Abbasangel profile image63
    Abbasangelposted 13 years ago

    My husband is a wonderful man. Even though he has been through great trials, which you’d expect a person to not to cope with and not even continue on in a healthy existence, he has. Not only does he have a healthy existence, he excels at it. read more

  37. janey_may79 profile image60
    janey_may79posted 12 years ago

    I think telling my husband that he is sexy, I love him, appreciate him and that he is a very good man is important. I also tell him that I love being his wife and that I am glad he is my husband.   I know he won't tell me that I am boosting his ego but I know these comments help.

  38. clydelady2 profile image68
    clydelady2posted 12 years ago

    I have been very blessed with the honor of raising three sons over the last 25 years.  Luckily they have all grown to be very confident and respectful young men, Robert, David & Matthew. Just yesterday they were all little boys. I blinked and they... read more

  39. jenwat0405 profile image60
    jenwat0405posted 12 years ago

    I wrote a lengthy Hub on this.  I hope you all find it interesting. … ans-battle

    Thank you for reading.


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