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I, Cliff, am an internet writer who delves into music production while having a good time brewing my favorite ale and tasting a nice velvet Chilean Malbec.

I have a B.A. in Visual Communications and will be the first to tell you that I learned nothing I could not have learned from picking up a book off of Amazon. If you are thinking of taking this up in a college education, speak to me first.

I currently have a job that I'm not exactly crazy about and would love to be able to start something for myself that I can call my own and have it support me and my family well. Still working on that one.

I am looking to network with people who know what they are talking about. I love to collaborate and share ideas with smart and interesting people who want to go somewhere in life.

My favorite quote is: "Today is the day!" by Mel Fisher.

One of my current projects is iFrag Paintball - Where Paintball is Passion at ifragpaintball(dot)com.

I also love swords. I have been a collector for many years and have been interested in swords my entire life. To me, it is about history and cultures. My favorite culture is the Norse and Anglo/Saxon cultures. I love their swords also. I provide a website to other sword collectors and sword lovers called School of Swords. Check it out and learn what makes a sword real and where to buy real swords from trusted forges.

I am a pagan and have been pretty much all my life. I do my best to live my life following all important pagan values. I observe pagan holidays and have a deep connection to nature. I support it heavily.

And at last I give you a personal thank you for reading my hubs. I hope you found some of them helpful and gave you the information you seek. I look forward to writing more.

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