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Saint Lawrence (Saintatlarge)

Joined 8 years ago from Canada




Born in Ontario Canada 1954.

Spiritually reborn 1974.

Inspired encourager, writer, poet, teacher, photographer.

Past 34 yrs involved in many facets of Christian ministry.

Written this book:

The Art of Intercession and You - A Progressive Study (Under copywrite)

16 Articles to help walk you through understanding You; Intercession and You; You and God, and the Role of Intercession for the Church of Christ. Nearly 20 years of study and personal experience.

Contact me through hubpages mail.

Books are available for sale at a minimal cost.

My Home Church:


Love God and people fervently.

Love wading in the presence of God, when it gets so thick it's like golden warm honey covering over you and running down and permeating every pore. Sitting and He drops this father type overcoat on you and the weight is pure love. Laying on the floor and suddenly you are in a river of water, the consistency of oil and every worry, fear, time disappears. I love my Abba Father.

Love hiking, canoeing, sports, photography, the seasons of our country, cooking and blessing others. A passion for writing and digging into the Word of God and expounding the treasures found.

Love good movies, great stories, laughter, the sound of my children's voices about anything and at anytime.

Love sharing with the lives of others over a great meal or coffee and talking, boasting about our heavenly Father.

Love sour gummie treats and really good chocolate, special coffees', chia tea latte, home made jams, campfire sitting with my best friend Check out one of my favorite dishes.

Seller of "Vintage" toys and unique antiques. Specializing in rare or hard to find "Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Marx, Britains, and many others.

Thx Lawrence


Love music, music, music. One of my latest favorites is Jesus Culture with Kim Walker; David Ruis and numerous others.


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