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Love and Gratitude TO ALL HUBBERS - Merry Xmas & Happy 2009

Updated on January 8, 2010

This is my Christmas card to all of you, my letter of deepest love and gratitude.

I remember my first moments here on Hubpages... I just found myself one night writing my first Hub: HOW TO MATERIALIZE BRIGHT IDEAS OR ANYTHING WHAT YOUR HEARTH DESIRES, answering on ProCW`s request (like some force dragged me here), and still remember his warm fan-letter of support. Shirley Anderson was immediately here with her kind support and rmr, healwell51,Cleanclover, robertkelleher,stevemark122000...and all of others.I feel so much gratitude to all of you. And of course there was Misha with his charming fan letter:" As soon as I see a pretty girl, I'm her fan", what did not make me very happy, because I wanted to read comment on my writing, not on my female hormones. But this comment of Misha made me smile next months every now and on. Thanks Misha.

Thank you, Ervin, solarshingles, on your warm words on slovenian language (Slovenia and Croatia are parts of former Yugoslavia). It was exactly that I needed, to feel like at home here on Hubpages. Be blessed for that.

Special thanks to Dean (mulder) and quicksand. You inspired me a lot with your comments. I love you both very much.

Thank you glassvisage, while answering on your request about your relationship,(my Hub: Balance between giving and receiving in the relationship) I realized why mine relationship was not perfect: God created obstacles in my relationship, so I can give my best TO THE MANY, not to be focused only on my partner. Thanks to the selfishness of my bf ( sometimes I could not stand it and instead of sitting with him I wrote Hubs with all my love) I dedicated light within me to the all of you, and my heart is full of joy now. The light I carry is for all who need it, not for one person only. Glassvisage`s request helped me to accept that.

Special thanks to Michelle who is perfect singer and healer - ripplemaker ,Daisy -dayzeebee ,spiritual coach Gary-qlcoach, vitaeb,Melissa G, lori763, G-Ma Johnson, always kind and faithful reader countrywomen(!!!)...example of deep love for his wife: mikeq107, Benson Yeung, Adjust, ...(and all of you who I DID mention in my last chapter. I realized that I cannot finish that hub without listing all of you, because I am so grateful to everyone).

To all of you, my dear friends, fans and readers, I am sending myriads of blessings, because you gave me courage to constantly write articles on English and express my soul energies on the foreign language...I have learned a lot here on Hubpages from your wise words,, sometimes I cried while reading some Hubs of yours. On many ways you touched my heart and changed me to become better, more tolerant and compassionate.

Whenever I was sad, I found sentences of support from some of you, and my joy was back.

You are talented and precious Godś children. You are light of this world. Written word has the strongest impact on creation of this world (especially with power of Internet): fill up this world with light, wisdom, love and hope as you have done up till now. We create better future with power of your love, mind and positivity in our articles. Never doubt in that: we are important, we are creators. That is why we are here.

We are here also because of each other. To love each other and support each other, to become better, more successful, more loving and more compassionate humans.

Love yourself from all of your heart - you deserve it, you are great, brave and talented. We are all part of same Divine energy which connect us, we are all ONE. One Heart, one Light.  Angel of nature Angel of nature

Way to show love and gratitude tu Hubbers with Google Ads clicking.

Few months ago I decided to show my gratitude to all of you hubbers on 3 ways:

  • with positivity in comments
  • whenever I go on someone`s Hub, I click on at least one G. Add (I find what I am most interested in) and press thumb up.

My suggestion is that we all develop that habit to do that to each other, so monetazing our Hubpages will go much quicker. IF WE WORK TOGETHER; AS A TEAM; WE CAN CREATE MIRACLES. We deserve that. All of us work hard. Just that: comment, thumb up, and: ADS opening (most important). Just do it to everyone`s hubpage you visit.

Everyone of us will see the difference on G. account very soon. All of us deserve more money for great job done. Let us give that habit as a sign of love and respect to each other from now on.

Ave Maria, Josipa Lisac (from K. Metikoš)

This Ave Maria , from great croatian singer Josipa Lisac, I want to give you as present to enjoy her special voice, in this Christmas time.

Josipa has been singing this song so many times, but funny, I have found only one video to download, and that was one recorded when was civil war in my country (former Yugoslawia, it lasted for 4-5 years). While I was listening it, tonight, 13 years after that stupid, cruel war stopped, after many self-healing, I started to cry, and now I am crying again. Pain in my hearth is still here, while looking at burning villages & bombed cities of my beloved country many years ago. And all this pain happened only because of stupid agressive games in people´s brains...

Let us all pray for peace ALL AROUND THIS WORLD, CREATE PEACE IN OUR IMAGINATION, let us TOLERATE EACH OTHER, NO MATTER TO WHICH RELIGION ANY OF US BELONGS OR NOT. Everything what is happening here on our planet, is created through our imagination. We are creators.


Feel free to read two of my best Hubs about that subject:

What will world be like in 100 years? I DO BELIEVE IN HUMANITY!

The end of time? No way! It would be too boring solution for creative Divine intelligence.

 I wish you very happy Holidays, blessed Chrismas (who celebrate it), the most blessed 2009... and I wish all your positive wishes and desires fulfill with mercy and joy.

Love, Light and many success and personal prosperity.

Thank you to all my readers and especially fans: 

Cristmas rose
Cristmas rose

Please read the fantastic Hubs from the hubber poorQpine, abput love & respect for our animal friends 

Baby porcupine
Baby porcupine

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