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I like to think of myself as a shape shifter of objects. Recycling and upcycling have been a part of my life since I can remember (way before the terms became popular).

Advocating for animals is also a passion of mine. I truly believe if everyone could experience the unconditional love of an animal, this world would indeed be a much more loving and compassionate place.

Mahalo (Thank You) for stopping by.




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  • How to Sew a Corner Cat Hammock - My Easy Pattern and Tutorial

    How to Sew a Corner Cat Hammock - My Easy Pattern and Tutorial

    2 years ago

    If you've ever wanted to learn to sew a cat hammock that fits in the corner, here's your chance. I'm sharing my tutorial here. Please show this to all your animal loving friends. Thanks from the cats!

  • Webbing Projects

    Webbing Projects

    2 years ago

    This polypropolene webbing is an awesome product. Using this you can complete projects and know assuredly they are made much stronger. It's easy to sew and work with; I'm sharing my tips here.

  • DIY Mini Witch Hat Headband

    DIY Mini Witch Hat Headband

    2 years ago

    I made these sexy mini witch hat fascinators for my grown daughter and her friends. Sharing my tutorial complete with photos on this page so you can make some too. Who wouldn't want to wear this?

  • Savvy Space Saving Ideas

    Savvy Space Saving Ideas

    2 years ago

    You can live big in small areas of space by implementing one or more of the ideas featured on this page. My photos show every suggestion we've used in our home and how we have reclaimed our space!

  • Hammocks for Cats - Cat Hammocks

    Hammocks for Cats - Cat Hammocks

    10 months ago

    People love watching cats hanging out in hammocks and cats just love being in a hammock. You can easily make them yourself. Why not make several hammocks to donate to a local animal rescue or shelter?

  • Dog Bottle Toy - DIY

    Dog Bottle Toy - DIY

    2 years ago

    Why buy a dog toy if you can make one? This bottle cover chew toy is a favorite of most dogs. It'll keep them busy and happy. Please think about making extra to donate to your local animal shelter.

  • Make a Cat Bed

    Make a Cat Bed

    2 years ago

    I think there must be every kind of cat bed imaginable to be made. You could upcycle a piece of furniture for your kitty, crochet a bed or maybe you'd rather sew a hammock for your cat? Here's how!

  • Make a Dog Bed

    Make a Dog Bed

    2 years ago

    Where does your dog sleep? When ours isn't hogging our bed she has a special spot on the couch. I think I need to make her one of these special beds so my husband and I can get some sleep.

  • DIY Garland

    DIY Garland

    2 years ago

    I've seen garlands for nearly every occasion I think, and some were made "just because". Those strands like the popcorn strings I made as a kid...I think those are some of the best, don't you?

  • Trick or Treating and Collecting for Charity

    Trick or Treating and Collecting for Charity

    20 months ago

    Combine two favorite things this Halloween. While drumming up ideas for costumes this year, have your kids think about collecting for a charity too! They can collect candy while helping others.

  • DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas

    DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas

    2 years ago

    A special ornament for Christmas will make memories for a lifetime. It's easy to make them. Here are a few ideas for do it yourself Christmas ornaments. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • DIY Dorm Decor

    DIY Dorm Decor

    19 months ago

    There are so many ways to make a dorm room comfortable, cozy and fun while still keeping on a strict budget. You'll find several DIY ideas on this page to suit a variety of personal styles.

  • Fabric Yoyo Sewing Projects

    Fabric Yoyo Sewing Projects

    2 years ago

    Making fabric yoyos has become sort of a part time addiction with me. Every time I decide to start working on them I find it difficult to stop. It's a fun craft that's very portable and inexpensive.

  • DIY Wood Art

    DIY Wood Art

    2 years ago

    If you're into making decorative things for your home, I'm sure there are several wood art projects on this page that will interest you as much as they did me. Take a look and let's see if I'm right!

  • Sewing With Window Screen - How To

    Sewing With Window Screen - How To

    2 years ago

    Yes, of course, you can sew with window screen. I've been doing it for a while now and sharing my tips here on this page. There are pictures to help you along the way. Try it; I bet you'll love it!

  • DIY Small Gift Ideas

    DIY Small Gift Ideas

    2 years ago

    What's not to love about small gifts? Actually sometimes the hardest thing about them would be coming up with ideas. This page will definitely help you by suggesting some good ideas for small gifts.

  • Easy Sew Project - Mesh Beach Tote, Mesh Beach Bag

    Easy Sew Project - Mesh Beach Tote, Mesh Beach Bag

    2 years ago

    It's easy and inexpensive to sew, lightweight and perfect for the beach or the pool. Learn to make one here with my free tutorial complete with helpful step by step photos.

  • ADOPT Me Vests for Dogs - Dog Vest Pattern

    ADOPT Me Vests for Dogs - Dog Vest Pattern

    2 years ago

    You can help dogs find forever homes by sewing and donating Adopt Me Vests. If you can't sew share this information with other animal lovers who do. The point is do something! Rescue, foster, adopt!

  • DIY Outdoor Swings

    DIY Outdoor Swings

    15 hours ago

    Who doesn't love a good turn on a swing now and then? Any of these DIY swing styles are great! If you had a big enough home you could put one of these swings inside your home too. That might be fun!

  • Sewing Projects with Insulating Fabric

    Sewing Projects with Insulating Fabric

    2 years ago

    This fabric is perfect for hotpads, oven mitts, flat iron and curling iron cases, casserole carriers and much more. It's versatility and ease of use makes this product a winner in my sewing arsenal.

  • DIY Laundry

    DIY Laundry

    19 months ago

    Until the time someone invents practical, affordable and environmentally-friendly disposable clothing made of recycled materials, then pretty much all of us will do laundry. Why not make it more fun?

  • Things to Make for a Baby

    Things to Make for a Baby

    16 hours ago

    I think some of the best gifts are those made by hand. Babies may not realize the item they are playing with or perhaps wearing is "homemade" but I think they feel the love that went into creating it.

  • Projects to Sew for Charities

    Projects to Sew for Charities

    2 years ago

    Sewing skills can be put to good use for many charities. If you find yourself with some extra time and materials on hand, why not get busy and do some sewing for a good cause? It feels great to help!

  • Redoing Furniture - Wet Sanding

    Redoing Furniture - Wet Sanding

    20 months ago

    Learning the technique of wet sanding will open up a lot of possibilities for furniture refinishing. Hairpin legs, especially, are easy to freshen up with this process. Follow the directions here.

  • Cage Mat Tutorial

    Cage Mat Tutorial

    2 years ago

    This kennel bedding cage mat sews up quickly. I hope you make bunches and bunches of extra mats to donate to the local animal shelter. Better yet, share this tutorial so more animal lovers can help!

  • Bandanas for Dogs - Easy to Make

    Bandanas for Dogs - Easy to Make

    10 months ago

    Learn to make a dog bandana with a casing. It's a quick sew project, plus this bandana is much safer for your dog to wear! Please read on for my step by step tutorial complete with pictures.

  • Color Dye Wood - DIY Wood Stain with Fabric Dye

    Color Dye Wood - DIY Wood Stain with Fabric Dye

    2 years ago

    When dying wood you can skip the regular wood stains available and use something else. What else could you use to dye wood? Lots of products. I bet you have some in your kitchen or laundry right now!

  • Advent Calendar Ideas - DIY

    Advent Calendar Ideas - DIY

    2 years ago

    Do you have a favorite way you celebrate the countdown to Christmas? I've gathered several neat ideas here you may want to incorporate this next holiday season. Here's to inspiration; Merry Christmas!

  • Potholders Easy to Make

    Potholders Easy to Make

    20 months ago

    Regardless of how much you cook in the kitchen, a good basic potholder can be a life saver....or at least save a few fingertips from burning hot pots and dishes. You'll find lots of ideas here.

  • DIY Christmas Gifts and All Occasion Gifts

    DIY Christmas Gifts and All Occasion Gifts

    15 hours ago

    This page has a whole bunch of good ideas for anyone who likes to give and make budget friendly gifts. Have fun and enjoy your creative side!

  • Used Furniture - DIY Ideas

    Used Furniture - DIY Ideas

    2 years ago

    I like things with character and the furniture in our home is no exception to that fact. When you do something yourself to transform a piece of furniture, you are making functional art, the best kind!

  • Decorating Ideas Using Doilies

    Decorating Ideas Using Doilies

    15 hours ago

    There are probably as many doily patterns as there are snowflake patterns; that's what it seems like to me. Even better is the fact there are probably just as many ways to decorate with doilies.

  • Up cycle Leather Belts

    Up cycle Leather Belts

    2 years ago

    Several years back I was brainstorming on the subject of seating. I needed to redo the seat of a thrift shop chair. A bag of old leather belts, a staple gun and a bit later, viola! Enjoy these ideas!

  • Flower Pillows - DIY

    Flower Pillows - DIY

    15 hours ago

    Perhaps you've seen a beautiful occasional flower pillow in your favorite home accessories outlet, or maybe online but the cost was too much for your budget? Why not make one yourself? Here's ideas!

  • Wall Art - DIY & On The Cheap

    Wall Art - DIY & On The Cheap

    2 years ago

    I may never have what's considered traditional art on my walls at home but I've got art that is personal to our family which makes it priceless to us. Isn't that what matters most? Try your hand here!

  • Room Dividers DIY

    Room Dividers DIY

    2 years ago

    Dividing a room is truly an act you can do yourself. Lots of ideas have been gathered on this page to help inspire you to create a room divider that works well for your home.

  • Felt Crafts - Versatile and Fun

    Felt Crafts - Versatile and Fun

    15 hours ago

    Felt is a great medium to use to create a whole bunch of fun. It's easy to work with and inexpensive as well. Need a special color? You'll find that too in felt. Find a fun felt project on this page!