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"Mom TOLD me I was "special"... I am StvRich, and I am a "Technologist"- :StvRich- wound up as an Infrastructure Disaster-Recovery Manager in a Co-Location Data Center of Global Scope, after friending a Brit who "Fixed" networks by typing in "shut" / "noshut".

They -DO- say, "Curiosity killed the Kat" (Curse You- John Sutter, AND Cendant Technologies!)

StvRich Loves Technology, Science, Engineering- and Mathematics. So, when "inspired" he cranks up Volbeat, sits, and types his little heart out. Usually burning dinner in the process. But he DOES Truely Love Technology...

With direct work experience in:

Enterprise Data Center Infrastructure Disaster Recovery and Service Level Agreement Maintenance- (Cendant Technologies, Co-Location Data-Center)

Spread-Spectrum Radio-LAN Manufacturing:building / testing of handheld devices- and then technically supporting the POS and Warehousing customers they were designed for. In-Field and Helpdesk. (Symbol Technologies)

Physics / Engineering in performing maintenance of Deuteron-Deuteron heavy-ion Colliders-- BNL(Brookhaven national Labs)

(I Just thought it'd be cool to say "Deuteron-Deuteron", I actually worked primarily on BNL's AGS, The Alternating Gradient Synchrotron- NOT so much on Brookhavens RHIC- {Relativistic Heavy-ion collider} )

StvRich did- (honestly) have "Top-Secret Clearance" in the U.S. Army infantry... Yes... Infantry...



A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Not-So-Far-Away... StvRich started in I.T. as Field Engineer for a VAR in Long Island and NYCity... And as a result, he now says he tends to: "Play with computers a lot and talk to myself-" ... (or sumthin' like that).

with Tongue-in-Cheek, he just hopes you find him "Entertaining"...

... sometimes

~and, StvRich is an -IronMan fan


StvRich - knows - he has a couple-or-3 books in-Him-
, technical, real-life and fictional- - -- but... Can He Write?

"writers ... WRITE"

--- and mom TOLD me... that I was "special". Just, don't call me "Ed"

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