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  1. Zsuzsy Bee profile image86
    Zsuzsy Beeposted 15 years ago

    I know you guys in the States are still doing your Thanksgiving to-do but it is just one month till Christmas eve. I need to get into the Christmas spirit, so how about you post some of your favorite Christmas story-links here so we can all share.

  2. compu-smart profile image89
    compu-smartposted 15 years ago

    These are my favorites Zsuzsy, what are yours!? smile

    Do I  Buy A fake Or Real Christmas Tree! … -christmas
    Sexy Santa Claus Pictures Christmas Gifts For Under $20 … s-Under-20
    Christmas Number One Single Winners-UK … one-single


    1. Shirley Anderson profile image72
      Shirley Andersonposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Funny, that one title.  smile

      I like this one of Compu-Smart' mentions The Beatles, what's not to love?

  3. Julie-Ann Amos profile image66
    Julie-Ann Amosposted 15 years ago

    My green Christmas Guide is doing well - This is the index hub which will take you to all the others in the series... … -Christmas

  4. Anti-Valentine profile image77
    Anti-Valentineposted 15 years ago

    You can check mine out.

    It might not put you in the Christmas spirit though as it's more about how to save money and not go overboard at Christmas. … ing-Frugal

  5. caspar profile image60
    casparposted 15 years ago

    There are some great hubs listed on this thread.

    Here's one with online Christmas themed games to keep the young 'uns busy...

  6. mhei profile image59
    mheiposted 15 years ago

    so far I only have 2 hubs about christmas, and I kinda like 'em … tmas-gifts

  7. Mark Knowles profile image58
    Mark Knowlesposted 15 years ago

    Well, I am not sure mine are exclusively Christmas, but they only seem to get traffic at thanksgiving and Christmas :lol

    The best Roast Turkey Recipe
    How to make Turkey Gravy

    I guess people only cook turkey at Christmas, but it is much, much, much cheaper after christmas...

  8. ddalgleish profile image60
    ddalgleishposted 15 years ago

    This is my first Christmas hub, on how to organize the holiday activities in an Excel Christmas Planner:

    Excel Christmas Planner

  9. Uninvited Writer profile image81
    Uninvited Writerposted 15 years ago

    This is one of my Christmas hubs, my favourite. … tmas-Carol

    Of other hubbers I like this one:

    1. Shirley Anderson profile image72
      Shirley Andersonposted 15 years agoin reply to this
  10. Whitney05 profile image84
    Whitney05posted 15 years ago

    My Outdoor Christmas decoration hub is doing pretty good with traffic and buys.

    I've also got:

    Nativity Scenes:
    Christmas Stockings:
    Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees: … stmas-Tree

    But, you can't forget Hanukkah :-)
    The Hanukkah Dreidel - History, Song, & Game:
    History of the Hanukkah Menorah - Lighting the Menorah:

  11. Patty Inglish, MS profile image88
    Patty Inglish, MSposted 15 years ago

    Christmas in Antarctica

    A Christmas Wish List

    Fun Holiday Recipes - Breakfast

    New Year's Traditions - The Pillowcase

    Christmas Lights From Hell
    This is a Hub about how Christmas lights are made by slaves in China.

    Special Christmas Recipes

    Christmas Recipes to Remember – Chinese Food

    Italian Christmas: Feast of the Seven Fishes … ven-Fishes

    Magic Christmas Recipes

    Best Christmas Dishes

    WWII - PT 109 and Christmas in the Pacific Theater … ic-Theater

    Christmas in the Korean War Zone

    World War I Christmas Miracle On the Western Front

    I have a lot more Thanksgiving/Christmas recipes as well on Hub Pages. Cooking is fun!

  12. Rochelle Frank profile image89
    Rochelle Frankposted 15 years ago
  13. Lissie profile image78
    Lissieposted 15 years ago

    Google is just starting to notice Christmas in Australia
    On the Thanksgiving note this is my one of my biggest hub failures I published it exactly a year a go and its had  129 visitors TOTAL - give some hub love to Cyber Monday

    1. Patty Inglish, MS profile image88
      Patty Inglish, MSposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      I just visited them - Thumbs way up!

  14. Lissie profile image78
    Lissieposted 15 years ago

    Thanks Patty!  I love your unusual location Xmas hubs: particularly the Antarctic one which always features on the TV news in Australia and NZ !

  15. Marian Swift profile image60
    Marian Swiftposted 15 years ago

    I only have one, sorta.  It's geared toward gift-givers whether they celebrate Christmas or not (but Secret Santa does pop in for a cameo role):

    Frugal Gift Giving for Groups: Family, Friends & Co-Workers

  16. MM Del Rosario profile image87
    MM Del Rosarioposted 15 years ago

    A year ago I started writing about Christmas  I would say that they are getting  pretty good traffic now and I hope more clicks....   I have compiled it for easier navigation....

  17. Dottie1 profile image64
    Dottie1posted 15 years ago

    Here are a few more that may be of interest.  Enjoy

    A Guide to Healthy Eating During the Holidays … e-Holidays

    How to decorate for Christmas on a budget … -a-budget_

    How to Add that Extra Special Touch with Personalized Christmas Gifts this Year. … -this-Year

  18. jimmythejock profile image84
    jimmythejockposted 15 years ago

    I wrote this hub for last Christmas and I don't think that I will ever better it, The 12 days of Christmas how much would it cost.....jimmy

  19. profile image0
    SirDentposted 15 years ago

    Here is the only Christmas hub I have written so far.

  20. SweetiePie profile image84
    SweetiePieposted 15 years ago
  21. Princessa profile image81
    Princessaposted 15 years ago
  22. anne.moss profile image60
    anne.mossposted 15 years ago

    Not celebrating Christmas myself (being Jewish and living in Israel), I actually surprised myself with my Christmas hubs doing pretty well, on Google and here. If you're into cats, you may like my Cat Themed Christmas Ornaments hub, which is my best ranking hub so far. I also have Christmas Jewelry and it's doing fairly well too.

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

  23. Zsuzsy Bee profile image86
    Zsuzsy Beeposted 15 years ago

    Oh! Goodie! This list will give me a bunch of reading that should put me into a festive frame of mind. Thanks guys

    Here are a couple of mine … ree-Safari

  24. Zsuzsy Bee profile image86
    Zsuzsy Beeposted 15 years ago

    Wow, there are a lot of great Christmas hubs listed here. zs

  25. Lgali profile image57
    Lgaliposted 15 years ago
  26. Reni Princessa profile image58
    Reni Princessaposted 14 years ago
  27. kwalters profile image59
    kwaltersposted 14 years ago

    I hate to self I don't.  Here's mine:

  28. Zsuzsy Bee profile image86
    Zsuzsy Beeposted 14 years ago

    That's funny this thread is a year old and is "green again" it will work just as great this time around as it did last year. Come on everyone let me hav'em. I really am bummed out and have no Christmas spirit yet. So share all your great Christmas links here.


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