How about sharing how you've come up with your user name?

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  1. Zsuzsy Bee profile image84
    Zsuzsy Beeposted 16 years ago

    I find it quite intriguing and often wonder how a user name is chosen...some of the names are quite easy to guess others I bet have most likely funny little anecdotes to go with the choice...
    My user name is really very ordinary Zsuzsy being a Hungarian form of Suzanne and the Bee well, my teenage childrens friends used to call me Mrs B. As our last name starts with a B.
    hence Zsuzsy Bee

    1. warchild75 profile image66
      warchild75posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I have been using my name for about 15 years it was from an old Keanu Reeves film called Point Break,one of the bad guys was called Warchild, a few people said i resembled him and it has stuck ever since!

  2. compu-smart profile image88
    compu-smartposted 16 years ago

    Hi Zsuzsy Bee, i like it;) i would like to know how yiou actually pronounce it? sue zee or zoo zee?

    I chose my name because i was Street-smart when i was a kid growing up..
    I would find all my fun, education, entertainment and all the tips and tricks about life on the street including making money and generally being a naughty boy...Now i get all my entertainment and fun and education and generate an income online and everything is above board and legit..Hence the name Compu-smart.. But i would like to have changed it to.....ummm......errrr..... i still have not decided but something a little more personal...

  3. gamergirl profile image88
    gamergirlposted 16 years ago

    I chose this username because it's different from my normal 'pulishing' name.  I play a lot of tabletop roleplaying games, and have for nearly 20 years (oh boy I'm getting old!) so, as a gamer, and a girl, it just kind of came together. smile

  4. Zsuzsy Bee profile image84
    Zsuzsy Beeposted 16 years ago

    Compu-smart do you remember a Hungarian actress named ZsaZsa Gabor? The Zs is pronounced as a 'Je'. The hungarian language has quite a few combination letter therefore different sounds.

    GamerGirl I kind of thought that you chose your name because you had mentioned your work in the past.


    1. compu-smart profile image88
      compu-smartposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      Yes I remember her very well ..
      The "Je" sounds much better than "Sue" which i thought it was pronounced and much more sophisticated...  Ohh and its good to know and obvious you have no sting in your tail!

  5. stephhicks68 profile image85
    stephhicks68posted 16 years ago

    Mine is pretty obvious.  But in real life, I actually go by Stephanie.  Steph just seems more fun and easy going though.  68 is my age.  Sort of.  Born in 1968, so I'll be 40 this year. sad

  6. Misha profile image64
    Mishaposted 16 years ago

    LOL I am pretty non-creative here. Misha is just a short name for Mikhail, my normal first name...

  7. Whitney05 profile image82
    Whitney05posted 16 years ago

    I just didn't feel like thinking of a cool name. Ha. so Whitney, is my name, and 05 is the year I graduated high school. Sad. I kind of wish that I had just left it Whitney. Oh well. I'll have to deal with it.

  8. profile image0
    Marye Audetposted 16 years ago

    Mine is quite an amazing story...
    It is my real name.

  9. relache profile image71
    relacheposted 16 years ago

    The story of mine is how I started off the hub about me.

  10. waynet profile image67
    waynetposted 16 years ago

    Mine is extremely interesting as it's... er my first name Wayne with the t of my last name added on the end, now don't you feel better for that interesting explanation.

  11. tbartle profile image62
    tbartleposted 16 years ago

    Well, tbartle is my first initial and full last name.  My full name is Trisha Bartle, and I regret not making that my HubPages name.  I know I can start a new account with that name, but I don't really want to start all over again.  smile 

    Anyway, you all can call me Trisha.  Nice to meet you.

  12. Bonnie Ramsey profile image66
    Bonnie Ramseyposted 16 years ago

    What a fun and interesting topic! Of course, my name here is actually my name LOL. But anywhere else such as game rooms and such I use the nickname pawslady7795. This has cause some people to ask me if I am an animal lover. The answer to that is a hearty YES however, it has nothing to do with the name that I chose. My grandchildren call my husband Paw and I am his lady (hence pawslady). The 7795 is our wedding day! This has been a topic that has resulted in my meeting some wonderful friends on the internet just from people asking me about this name LOL.

    Keep the posts coming! I just love reading about these names!

    Bonnie Ramsey

  13. sunstreeks profile image80
    sunstreeksposted 16 years ago

    I was very blond when I was 15. This was before I was bleaching and was still just using Sun-In for blond highlighting. I was making my very first e-mail account back when hotmail was the most popular. I needed a screenname to sign up and sunstreaks was the first thing that came to mind. Unfortunetly it was already taken. So I changed it up to sunstreeks..

    Eleven years later, I still use the same screenname.

  14. Patty Inglish, MS profile image86
    Patty Inglish, MSposted 16 years ago

    I'm just the real me, I guess. smile LOL

  15. C.M. Vanderlinden profile image62
    C.M. Vanderlindenposted 16 years ago

    Well, mine is pretty self explanatory---C.M. are my first and middle initials (Colleen M.)

    If I could have, I would have made my username Colleen Vanderlinden, since that's how my name appears everywhere else online, but when I created my account it said my name was too long.

    Exciting, eh? big_smile

  16. Maddie Ruud profile image70
    Maddie Ruudposted 16 years ago

    I didn't come up with it.  My parents did.  Though it took a while for my mother to get used to the idea that I wasn't going to go by "Madeleine" my whole life.

  17. jimmythejock profile image84
    jimmythejockposted 16 years ago

    I lived in England for a while, where if you are Scottish, you are called a Jock, hence when I lived there I was commonly known by my friends as Jimmy The Jock.....jimmy

  18. Princessa profile image78
    Princessaposted 16 years ago

    My name came from a book that I found very inspirational: "The Princessa, Machiavelli for women" by Harlet Rubin.  The book also inspired the hub  How to be brilliantly disruptive.

    I like the name because for the author, a Princessa settles for nothing less than greatness smile

  19. Sybille Yates profile image66
    Sybille Yatesposted 16 years ago

    I worked with pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. In Spanish the people that are giving hospitality are called hospitalera/os. Female singular form is  hospitalera and as I started to do things on line it became my standard user name, SY

    1. Lissie profile image75
      Lissieposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      ROTFL Sybile - but here you use your real name - thanks though I wondered about the hospitalera ! You should do a hub on the camino - its on my to do list!

      No points at at all for guessing what my first name is Elisabeth - yes spelt that way which is a European version though my mother was a NZer - I have no idea why she went for the less usual spelling - but it finally started becoming useful when I needed a screen name.

      I struggle with screen names - I use one that reflects my main website in relevant forums.  Originaly I just used a short version of my last name - but I hate my last name and decided it made no sense to keep on using it it in cyberspace!  Lissie is quite a good 1 as often  I can still get it even on big sites such as bloglog!

      1. Sybille Yates profile image66
        Sybille Yatesposted 16 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, sorry, just noticed...Senior moment, everywhere else I am "hospitalera" actually don't remember why I used my real name here, SY *tip-toes away with bowed head and hides*

  20. darkside profile image59
    darksideposted 16 years ago

    Darkside? It's a Star Wars thing.

    Came close to choosing TK-421.

  21. profile image0
    Hovalisposted 16 years ago

    Hovalis is the surname of a Farscape character. Full name: Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis, to be precise. Everyone called her Jool on the show.

    Why pick it? The name is always likely to be available, and I liked the character because while she was irritating at times, she always stuck by her guns about what she believed, even if it went against what all the others were thinking and doing.

    1. darkside profile image59
      darksideposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      Another Sci Fi Geek!

      1. profile image0
        Hovalisposted 16 years agoin reply to this

        'fraid so. ::looks sideways at her sci-fi collection:: Make that very much so. big_smile

      2. Mark Knowles profile image58
        Mark Knowlesposted 16 years agoin reply to this

        darkside - I don't like to see the terms "sci-fi" and "geek" in the same sentence - It's more of a spiritual belief system than geekery.

        I don't think it's nice to poke fun at someone's dearly held beliefs big_smile

        Unless they're silly beliefs of course. big_smile

        My mum gave me my name smile

        Mark Peter - I have 2 Brothers - Matthew David and Michael John. So know you know. LOL

        1. profile image0
          Hovalisposted 16 years agoin reply to this

          That depends on whether you think being a geek is a bad thing. There aren't that many basements in Australia.

          1. Mark Knowles profile image58
            Mark Knowlesposted 16 years agoin reply to this

            Hadn't thought of that - Do I take it you are a geek and proud of it in that case?

            And this is the dictionary definition of the word:

                     1. A person regarded as foolish, inept, or clumsy.
                     2. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.
                     3. A carnival performer whose show consists of bizarre acts, such as biting the head off a live chicken. big_smile

            1. profile image0
              Hovalisposted 16 years agoin reply to this

              Hmn I'm not inept, but I am a qualified engineer, so got the technical stuff. Only mildly socially inept. As for carnivals, I can't even juggle. On a scale of 1-10 I'd say...hmmm...5.

              Why is it that everything you say is loaded, Mark?

              1. Mark Knowles profile image58
                Mark Knowlesposted 16 years agoin reply to this

                LOL -- I was just asking smile

        2. darkside profile image59
          darksideposted 16 years agoin reply to this

          Your mother had a thing for M's I see.

          And also biblical names big_smile

          1. ripplemaker profile image76
            ripplemakerposted 16 years agoin reply to this

            I like that Mark.  We are all M's in my family too.. There's me - Michelle and my 3 brothers-- Michael, Michie Jay and Michbern.  They are names that they just put together.  My brother Michie Jay is always mistaken as a girl.  And Michbern always get confused with Michburn over the phone.  Getting burn all the time big_smile   

            Zsuzsy , thanks for creating this thread.  It's really nice and fun to know the people behind the names smile

  22. ripplemaker profile image76
    ripplemakerposted 16 years ago

    My real name is Michelle Simtoco.  It was my aunt who named me since I was born when the Beatles were a hit!  wink 

    I fell in love with 'ripplemaker'  the day it dawned on me that we actually create ripples everyday.  And that we actually have the power to create and re-create our lives and make a difference in little and big ways.  I confess that's what my soul truly longs to do.

  23. Stacie Naczelnik profile image67
    Stacie Naczelnikposted 16 years ago

    My mom named me Stacie, although my grandma insists it was her idea.  Of course, she would have preferred to have it spelled Stacey or Stacy instead of Stacie.

    Naczelnik is my married name.  My "maiden" name was hyphenated...which caused a ridiculous amount of confusion.  Plus, nobody could ever pronounce or spell the first part right.  So, I gave them up to share a name with my husband.  Of course...nobody can spell or pronounce that one either!

  24. Talem profile image60
    Talemposted 16 years ago

    big_smile.....It's a name I go by for a MMORPG I play.

    And a character from Soul Calibur. LOL.

  25. Inspirepub profile image70
    Inspirepubposted 16 years ago

    Mine's the standard one we use (based on Inspire Publishing) because I had no idea it would be the display name and the name by which everyone here would know me until it was too late ...


  26. Blogger Mom profile image60
    Blogger Momposted 16 years ago

    Mine is pretty obvious.  I'm a mom, and I like to write and read blogs.  My real name is Deb. smile

  27. funride profile image67
    funrideposted 16 years ago

    Well, mine it´s from several bicycle forums where I hang around
    It´s what I reach everytime I ride and also what I hope for everybody else wink

    Ricardo "funride" Nunes

  28. Mark Knowles profile image58
    Mark Knowlesposted 16 years ago

    But there is this:

    1. Patty Inglish, MS profile image86
      Patty Inglish, MSposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      And the Geek shall inherit the earth. smile

  29. barranca profile image75
    barrancaposted 16 years ago

    Town where I grew up.

  30. shesagogetter profile image60
    shesagogetterposted 16 years ago

    Mine is a combination of personality and business LOL it represents my website and my way of going about life in general. My real name is Cathy.

  31. Mark Knowles profile image58
    Mark Knowlesposted 16 years ago

    I didn't realize it, but the term geek is actually a very old word - I thought it was a new one.

  32. The Indexer profile image80
    The Indexerposted 16 years ago

    I am both a proofreader and and an indexer. I create the indexes that you find at the back of textbooks, and my latest productions have been two cumulative indexes for literary societies--one was for the Jane Austen Society and the other for the Dickens Fellowship. For the latter I had to read and analyse 6,000 pages of text that had been written over a 31-year period. It took me more than two years to finish the job!

    There are plenty of other indexers around, so calling myself "The Indexer" is a bit pretentious. However, I have used "indexer" elsewhere, and Hubpages deserves something a little different!

  33. Zsuzsy Bee profile image84
    Zsuzsy Beeposted 16 years ago

    This is fantastic...I was right this thread is really great, filled with interesting and amusing tidbits...Thanks guys keep-em-coming Zs

  34. William F. Torpey profile image70
    William F. Torpeyposted 16 years ago

    My name is the byline I've always used. When I had to create a middle name for my confirmation (as a Roman Catholic, back in 1950) my mother and my grandmother decided it would be Francis, in honor of my uncle who was killed on a destroyer in Guadalcanal during WW II. My mother said my middle name at birth was Francis, so my confirmation name would also be Francis, allowing me to continue to honor my uncle, William Francis Hogan (Hogan is my mother's maiden name.) This is unbelievable, but when I moved to New York two years ago I had to register my car and signed my name. The Motor Vehicle Dept. told me my name was not William Francis Torpey, so I looked at my birth certificate. After 70 years, I discovered that I have no middle name -- my certificate states William Torpey. I really feel foolish, but it's too late to change my byline now!

  35. Mark Knowles profile image58
    Mark Knowlesposted 16 years ago

    My mother is Marion Margaret. smile

  36. mathan1234 profile image60
    mathan1234posted 16 years ago

    Mine was a mistake. Haha... I thought "mathan1234" was just going to be my login name. I was hoping to publish on Hubpages under my name "Matt Hancock". 

    Notice the first three letters of "mathan" and the last three letters = MATt HANcock, and 1234 which is easy to remember.


  37. ksbteam profile image60
    ksbteamposted 16 years ago

    When I started working online in 2000 it was my own experiment and I said nothing to family or friends about what I was doing.

    Two months later I received a check for $112.00.  When my grown son stopped by that day I showed it to him and told him what I'd been doing.  His comment was

    "Good for you - kick some butt, Mom ".  and ksbteam became one of my "handles"

    1. Jungle Talk profile image59
      Jungle Talkposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      Ksbteam, that is so great! I love it when the 'youngsters' give kudos to their mom's. And mom's so deserve it!

      This is really a cool thread Zsuzsy Bee, I'm glad you started it. I must say mine isn't really amusing, I guess I have a practical bent. It came about because I wanted a pretty simple way to let people know what I enjoy talking about, especially for those who didn't want to read a ton of stuff in my profile.

  38. Marisa Wright profile image84
    Marisa Wrightposted 16 years ago

    I started out as "Marisa" on Helium, because the site wanted people to use real-ish names.  It's a rearrangement of part of my real name. 

    Not long after, Marketplace really took off, and we were told the publishers wouldn't select authors who used nicknames.  They wanted writers who could provide a full name as a byline.  I had used the name "marisawriter" on a few other sites, so making my byline "Marisa Wright" was an obvious choice.  By sheer fluke, it's not a very common name - if I'm telling people about my writing, I can just tell them to Google Marisa Wright and my stuff comes up on the front page.

    It's not the most exciting name, though!

  39. Mark Knowles profile image58
    Mark Knowlesposted 16 years ago

    And when my mum was angry - which was fairly often with 3 boys - it would go "Mark !", I mean "Michael !" I mean "Matthew !" I mean....... "You !"

    1. ripplemaker profile image76
      ripplemakerposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      LOL My dad does that a lot.  And when he starts saying the wrong name, we'd all chime in to say the correct one.  He ends up with his lecture with "aw" and we'd end up laughing instead.

  40. elisabeth reid profile image68
    elisabeth reidposted 16 years ago

    Mine is a pseudonym that I use on occasion...only dumb me....I misspelled it.  It was supposed to be 'reyd'....the first time I tried to sign in here after I joined, I thought I'd lost my mind.

    ANYWAY...the pseudonym comes from a form of my first name, which is really just, plain 'Lisa' and an anagram of my surname.

    Pretty basic.  As long as one can remember how to spell.

  41. kpfingaz profile image66
    kpfingazposted 16 years ago

    kpfingaz - n. fingers use to type on cell phone keypads.

    In like 2002 - 2003 before I knew much about the internet, I used to be on cell phone chat rooms. No one used their real name and I was known as 'X' but I always used to send each message as X aka {some new name}.

    One of the names I came up with was 'kipad fingaz' (as in keypad fingers) which I thought was a really cool name and I used it over and over. Kipad fingaz because I used my fingers to type messages on the cell phone keypad.

    Then when I came online and I had to sign up for a lot of stuff I didn't think my real name should be used so I shortened it to 'kpfingaz' and used it on mostly everything from then on including here at hubpages.

    My real name is...well lets just say I use Jay a lot these days. Don't want all my friends googling my real name then asking me a whole lot of questions. wink

  42. makemoneyonline profile image37
    makemoneyonlineposted 16 years ago

    I have no clue big_smile

  43. Rapidwriter profile image61
    Rapidwriterposted 16 years ago

    I was bored with the short frm of my name, Shah (from the unpronouncable Shahrukh), so I
    adapted a phrase from the blurb of a course in which I share my Rapid Writing techniques.  I must say I felt quite odd at first about having pseudonym at all - but I've grown into it now.

  44. granite_butterfly profile image54
    granite_butterflyposted 16 years ago

    Good morning Fellow Hubbers!

    I chose my name rather simply by combining attributes of my self, the granite representing strength and endurance while the butterfly represents gentle, loving, compassionate, dreamer and creativity...
    And I love butterflies, too. smile

  45. beta1070 profile image61
    beta1070posted 16 years ago

    I had cruel parents.

  46. beta1070 profile image61
    beta1070posted 16 years ago

    Oh, say something, someone, I hate it when I kill the chat.

    1. compu-smart profile image88
      compu-smartposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      lol @ the Simpsoms.
      Me too......Oh noo yikes i think ive set myself up for a "kill chat".. lol

      Ummm errr. has anyone done a thread on how they chose their profile picture? if so can you diretc me please n e 1?

      Zsuzsy.. i liked this thread..

  47. MaxPowers profile image61
    MaxPowersposted 16 years ago

    The Simpsons smile

  48. SparklingJewel profile image66
    SparklingJewelposted 16 years ago

    Jewel was the nickname my Dad called me. I haven't heard it since he died in 1977, so combining it with my favorite precious stone and my desire to stay anonymous...when I get rich and famous...I want to be rich...but not famous! I am just a middle age woman, starting over, in a way, now that my kids are grown and on their own. Not ready to share myself with the world yet.

  49. Shirley Anderson profile image69
    Shirley Andersonposted 16 years ago

    I use my real name, since I'm a freelancer and direct some potential clients to check out online sites where I've written to.

    Perhaps one day, if I ever decide to get into experimental fiction, I'll use a pseudonym just for fun.

  50. BrainFire profile image66
    BrainFireposted 16 years ago

    I chose my name based on the act of "Thinking". It actually required, and prompted the "Firing" of "Brain Cells" to come up with my name "BrainFire"... although none of my close friends we're the least bit I also liked it's frequency too. It reflects who I am. The picture I used is a photo of a Camp Fire my husband built, and then snapped the pic. It has so many strange faces in it, and it became a special pic to us. It helped me think up the name. smile


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