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BrainFire profile image

MotherGoddessEarth (BrainFire)

Joined 10 years ago from The Island




Also follow me on:

Matriarch/Pres./Dir./Rev. HP/Investigator/Law Firm Mgr./Humanitarian/Writer/Banker/Commercial Property Specialist/Commercial Realtor/Artist/Animal Rescue Professional

I am the Official Study Nut. I picked four main subjects in my life to study. Math, Law, Psychology, and Nutrition. I picked these subjects because I felt they were the most relevant in life. Additional subjects include global stats, womens rights, Matriarchy, and anything else that connects with all of these subjects.

Today as a Matriarch I can say that Matriarchy will save the human race. Of course nothing is ever easy, but it is happening, and it will continue to happen. According to research by me, and many others...the world is in a Matriarchy already. If I were to put a mathematical number on it, I would say we're 60-80% (percent) there. Welcome it because it is right, and it works FOR the people, animals, and planet! Go by the real facts! Not what your fed through the media. A well balanced society is a productive society. Harmony, balance, love, and nurturing...this is where the growth and advancement occur. Stick with us, the Matriarchs if you want to live a natural, fruitful productive life. I have the mathematics, I did the research, and studies of the numbers globally.

I can say that being a researcher has helped me in many ways to reach this higher education level, way beyond what any school teaches. However, at times it has actually hindered me as well. Being over educated in these areas, brings an increased level of awareness, sometimes that can be good, but sometimes it can also be negative.

I studied because I had nothing else to do, since I was bed ridden from a medical malpractice that happened. I played Chess, and studied with a vengeance. Now I am able to share all that I learned, and experienced for the good of the people. A no strings attached portal from my brain to yours. Take what you need, and pass it on. I was your fact finder for 26 years, and I am still going, it's my journey, which affords me the opportunity to make a contribution to the people of our planet.

What I write about is life experience, and what I've studied and learned. My level of experience in Nutrition surpasses most nutritionists. As well as in the other subjects. I took things to the highest level I could, and I did it because I was very angry about what happened to me.

I turned that anger into power, strength, and knowledge for a new life with the ability to function at a greater level. I am here to help people, and share critical, valuable facts, experience, and discoveries with you. Things that can be immediately applied to make your life the best it can be.

People for the people, by the people. I'm actually being prepped for the World Of Knowledge Degree. I could go for individual ones in my majors, but the education dept. feels it's more appropriate to bundle it together under one. So it shall be.

Here's the strange story about me: In a Nut Shell

I spent much of my young adult life studying, and playing chess because I was sick from a medical malpractice case that happened when I was 23. I am now 43.

It drastically changed my life, and also threw me into educating myself with a driven passion of anger. I turned that anger into something positive. I was so angry because it had ended all my plans in life.

I had just graduated modeling school two weeks prior, and had done some work for the garment industry in NYC. My face was on a post card that went all over the world, and my modeling career was moving forward...until this happened...then it was over, because my face had been cut open severing the 7th cranial facial nerve, and they had broken my nose, and punctured my main sinus. I had to have 21 surgeries to try to fix what had been done, to no avail. It was over, and there was no more help.

At one point I heard one of the ER doctors say: "She's back" That was it for me, my case was obviously too complex, and there was too much damage to contain. I was not the typical patient you give a once over, and tell the secretary to have her come back in a month. I required actual thought of solution, and that did not happen.

In 1992 I was scheduled for seven more surgeries, and I thought that not enough attention was being put on the fact that I am living with a deadly bacteria, that is now rampant throughout my bones, and blood. I was such a high risk patient, but they were not factoring it into the equation.

The day they called me for Pre-Op (I had thought long and hard about my next move...) I told the Nurse, to please close my file that I would not be having anymore surgery. I also told her not to call me, I will call them.

That was the day my life began again. That day I threw all the medicine in the garbage, went straight to the health food store, and got all the vitamins, and supplements I felt I needed. Which was about $350.00 at the time. Seven days later I was up making coffee, cleaning up, taking a shower, and feeling really good. I had been bed ridden for a period of two years straight (1990 - 1992) near the end when they had me scheduled for the seven surgeries.

(Wait until you hear what else I went through while all this was going on, starting with nine Car accidents,(that were not my fault) Legionnaires disease while pregnant, followed by my fall on the ice at seven months. Additionally my husband had been run over by a drunk driver, and left for dead in the road, following the birth of my daughter).

I am here to share how I did this, and how I turned everything around, and why. I am still living with a deadly Bacteria, and I have found ways to manipulate IT, and my health status to keep me functioning. I have four pages of illness that I currently live with. At some point I will try to list it. I will also be listing what I take, and do not take to keep all this illness in check. Including what I eat, and do not eat, etc. Stay tuned to find out why I am able to maintain a really positive attitude, and still love life!

Today nobody can tell I am sick. I am still sick, but I manage it, and I am stronger than "IT" now because of what I've done, and applied to my life, and lifestyle.

It can be done, I am living proof that nutrition really does save lives. I am here today to share it with you, because it absolutely saved my life. I am so happy to be alive, who cares if there is problems that pop up, I am allowed to be alive to solve them! This is all a game a chess, and I now control the middle of the board!

One of my secrets is: I SMILE...All the time! I trained myself first, but shortly after it comes natural. Smile your way to good health! Always SMILE!...It will change everything about your life! Smile everywhere you go! Test it yourself: Take one day & just Smile at everyone everywhere you go. The next day: walk around with no smile, maybe a frown. Share with us what happened!

Additionally another trait about me that could be thought of as strange is, I am also Empathic. Empathic abilities allow me to feel things from people. Good or bad vibes from every person I encounter. I feel the worlds pain to an extreme degree. It allows me the opportunity to be humble, and meek. Frailty is an undeniable trait of Humans, but our developed strengths are what helps us advance.

I also feel very lucky to be educated to the point of understanding abilities that I have developed within me due to my intense health regimen, and my greed for knowledge. My ignorance was what drove me to far extensions of learning no school teaches. I am the toughest teacher of all, and I pushed myself to the farthest reaches of education, and still do...because...Knowledge really is Power!

Also I do not profess to be an expert in grammar, or writing. As I write, I am learning as well. Please be kind enough to excuse any typos, or grammatical errors. There are times when I am very rushed to complete a hub. Not enough time for what I wish to write about...yet.

Inevitably I do go back in, and edit all the hubs, correcting any errors I find. I believe its better to do the work, (whether perfect or not), than not to do the work at all. I have been guilty at times of writing the way I think. I have caught myself making all sorts of errors. I beat myself up a bit, and correct it. I hate making mistakes, but on the flip side of things...I have to accept human error, in my weak areas. I speak better than I write, but I am always improving my developing skills, and expanding my mind. To make my imprint historically. For you, and for me too.

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