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Daniel Austhof (aim4strz)

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  • The Scapegoat

    The Scapegoat

    2 months ago

    Does Life ever seem unfair to you? Does it ever seem like problems pile on top of you, while everyone else is coasting through life? I know I feel that way. Or more accurately, Felt that way. This is my poem, with a clearer hindsight, of feeling like "The Scapegoat" in Life......

  • Finding Wings

    Finding Wings

    12 months ago

    Not really a poem, not really song lyrics, not..... IDK what is this? It's just me having fun with words and organizing them in a manner which tells my message. Enjoy...

  • Something Different

    Something Different

    22 months ago

    My favorite poet is Henry David Thoreau. I love his optimism and the hope he creates with his writing. "Something Different" is my attempt to capture his wisdom and insight on the human condition.

  • AY PAPI!!!

    AY PAPI!!!

    11 months ago

    A (not-so) Self-effacing vision of my past valleys and the journey to spectacular future peaks! (btw- I crushed this one!)

  • LISTEN UP!!!!

    LISTEN UP!!!!

    8 months ago

    "Listen Up" is a typical poem for me that I begin when I'm in a horrible place and then use my writing as self- therapy bringing myself back to a confident, upbeat, thankful, faithful mood. Swag even!

  • The Bi-Polar Life

    The Bi-Polar Life

    16 months ago

    Life finds it's level- Why doubt divine dealing?

  • Standout!!!


    16 months ago

    STAND….. Stand in Faith and know you are the Man!

  • 2

    "......As it is in Heaven"

    21 months ago

    My feeble attempt to capture the meaning of this phrase in the Lord's Prayer: "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven." This was a Fun poem to write!!!

  • The

    The "IT" Factor

    13 months ago

    "The IT Factor" is a poem set to a musical beat about Faith. About the type of Faith which was owned by Daniel (and the Lions' Den), in the Bible- Oh, and also by ME!!!

  • I'm Possible

    I'm Possible

    16 months ago

    So in honor of my rekindling my old flame and remembering all those who have lost SO MUCH to the horror of closed head injuries, I have written a song/poem to fire me back up- and anyone else who wants to claim my sentiments.

  • ?Who Am I?

    ?Who Am I?

    21 months ago

    Do you sometimes feel like you"re from a different planet? Do you wonder how this happened, what you have become- or WHO you even ARE? …….. I know that I DO!

  • 'Till I Have Won

    'Till I Have Won

    16 months ago

    I came kinda weak with my first "edited" version. This is a much stronger version of my take on Eminem's "Till I Collapse". I think you'll like it

  • You're The Man

    You're The Man

    2 months ago

    I've heard a few mixtapes lately that I like, and realized that my poem "Entheos" (Jay-Z- "Empire State of Mind") would mesh great with Aloe Blacc's "The Man". It turned out well

  • The Man

    The Man

    16 months ago

    In creating "The Man" I took the liberties of combining a hook in Drake's "The Motto" (creating my own motto) and the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling.

  • Hou$e Money

    Hou$e Money

    16 months ago

    "This metaphor's to roll the dice/ Comparing Grace to human vice"- This is a rather bold attempt to explain the concept of Grace and my own battle with Evil but putting it into gambling terminology

  • The Purpose of Life (pt.3)

    The Purpose of Life (pt.3)

    21 months ago

    "The Purpose of Life isn't all that deep or profound." - I wrote this when I was in a good mindset (in pt.2). Part 3 is the opposite- the jeckyl to my hyde mindset of scarcity. Frustrating- alarming

  • WIN TODAY!!!

    WIN TODAY!!!

    16 months ago

    Recently my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. She said "It's kind of numbing knowing I can't beat this." My advice: "No, don't even try to win this War. Just WIN TODAY!!!"

  • 0

    "Come After Me, I'm a Man!"

    2 months ago

    When I wrote this poem I was numb, stunned, and beside myself with rage! There was yet another devastating attack on my loved ones.........and I knew who did it.............and it was ALL MY FAULT!!!



    2 months ago

    I have adopted the word "Entheos" as the name of my alter-ego. In Greek it means "having the God within." Also, Entheos is the derivative of the worth "Enthusiasm", which means "inspired by", therefore very appropriate!

  • THE BIG ONE! 1.0

    THE BIG ONE! 1.0

    21 months ago

    Good or Evil? Right or Wrong? Black or White? Can our existence be boiled down to a "tragic pantomime" between 2 polar opposite forces, and must we choose between the two? Why?



    16 months ago

    "I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me"

  • The Blessed One

    The Blessed One

    12 months ago

    "I have become all things to all men, that by all means I mights save...some"- (1 Cor. 9:22)



    16 months ago

    Part 2 of the (hopefully) ongoing journey I'm on, attempting to find happiness while both driven AND trapped by my dreams.



    16 months ago

    A poem of the (hopefully) ongoing journey I'm on, attempting to find happiness while both driven AND trapped by my dreams.

  • Do or Die

    Do or Die

    16 months ago

    -There’s no Can -There’s no Can’t -There’s just Will- And there is Won’t -I’ll never Do -The Things I Don’t -I dare to lose, but KNOW I’ll Win -I cannot Win -‘Less I begin -I dare to fall -but Know I’ll Fly -Like Fight or Flight, -Choose Wrong or Right -I’m alive to...

  • And You Thought You Knew!!

    And You Thought You Knew!!

    16 months ago

    *I don’t choose to dream -But it helps dull the pain -Would it be better to Vomit or Die? -Until I decide, I must write this or cry -I live in 2 different worlds -And all they do is compete -There’s Me and then there's my Hell -My riddle is I’m f*ckin stuck in the Middle

  • Walk Big!!!

    Walk Big!!!

    16 months ago

    Lyrics to a song about not LETTING your light shine, but MAKING your light shine! WALK BIG!!

  • Waiting To Die

    Waiting To Die

    16 months ago

    PAIN: Graphic, sharp, stunning- but also slow, blunt, numbing.



    16 months ago

    **So this is my life- exciting isn't it?, you're wrong. It's horrible. I pray to God multiple time every day that he once again gather me under His wing, and offer His divine protection and peace!

  • NFL All-Time, All-Pro Team- *Defense*

    NFL All-Time, All-Pro Team- *Defense*

    16 months ago

    NFL All-Time, All Pro Team- Defense. And clearly my list is pretty good. It was vultured in 2011-



    16 months ago

    I wrote Shine Forever on a flight to meet a stranger (now a friend) who was a new widow, her young husband a Cancer victim. It is a story about how we live not only FOR each other, but THROUGH each other... forever.

  • Good Riddance To The

    Good Riddance To The "Oughts"!! : The worst Decade EVER!

    16 months ago

    My rant written the night of Dec. 31, 2009. "So tonight I’m going to celebrate the death of “The Oughts” and the birth of a New Tomorrow, “The Teens”- pure as a crisp, white, winter morning and brimming with Hope and Optimism"

  • NFL All-Time, All-Pro Team- *Offense*

    NFL All-Time, All-Pro Team- *Offense*

    16 months ago

    ALL-TIME, ALL-NFL TEAM *offense*- Clearly mine is pretty good because it was vultured by Bleacher Report in 2011-

  • DA's 2010 NFL Mock Draft (2 rounds) *12/3/09

    DA's 2010 NFL Mock Draft (2 rounds) *12/3/09

    16 months ago

    DA's 2010 NFL Mock Draft (2 rounds) *12/3/09

  • 0

    "Hail To the Victors!"....Forever!!

    16 months ago

    The University of Michigan Wolverines basically put the sport of College Football on the map in the early 1900’s, and, Mark My Words: Michigan Football will re- insert itself at the Apex of football.

  • 4

    "I Will Fear No Evil...."

    16 months ago

    Let me tell you about the day I met Satan...

  • TOO


    16 months ago

    This poem is an expression of belief against any outside judgments of our own capabilities and limitations. "Wisdom says ‘Average relates To that which we aim.’" *Blessing's all about perception!!

  • 6

    "Goodbye, I Love You...."

    21 months ago

    NO, THIS IS NOT ME RIGHT NOW! However, this is a TRUE suicide letter/ poem. This was, honest to goodness, my letter that I scribbled on looseleaf paper, which is wrinkled to this day by the teardrops which fell on the page as I wrote

  • Shut Your Mouth!!

    Shut Your Mouth!!

    16 months ago

    So fret about what some will do But shut it- let me sing my song!! When in need I will cry out But you can’t save what wouldn’t drown What is gained if I would doubt? It won’t change for what I’m bound What’s this drama all about? You can’t lose what I have found Now...



    16 months ago

    -“Surely” is a play on words for the name of my fictitious queen of Assurance- Shirley. This was written several years ago, but it still holds true in my life today. To me this poem is about Confidence. About knowing that I CAN. Knowing that if I set my mind to something, it’s a Certainty....

  • Fast Pain/ Slow Pain

    Fast Pain/ Slow Pain

    16 months ago

    "Fast Pain brought shock- The Slow Pain still makes me cry". If you can relate and understand what I mean by this, I'll just say: "I'm so sorry! Be Strong and God Bless!"

  • The Purpose of Life- (pt.1)

    The Purpose of Life- (pt.1)

    16 months ago

    "The Purpose of Life" isn't all that deep or profound. Even I could figure it out with a little self reflection and by writing a 2-part post on my findings.



    16 months ago

    The key to Success is Sexy!!!

  • Teardrops In The Rain

    Teardrops In The Rain

    16 months ago

    Journey from shedding insignificant tears, washed away by the storm, to living a life of Purpose, filled with, make that FAITH! And "That's FAR from Teardrops in the Rain!"


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