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Daniel Austhof (aim4strz)

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    Know Thyself

    3 years ago

    This poem began as a poem about golf and Life, but it became about knowing myself and what I am capable of. It was inspired on a golf course as I gauged the distance between myself and the green, the hazards in between, the risk, the reward, and which club I would use.(see- "LIFE")

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    The Scapegoat

    3 years ago

    Does Life ever seem unfair to you? Does it ever seem like problems pile on top of you, while everyone else is coasting through life? I know I feel that way. Or more accurately, Felt that way. This is my poem, with a clearer hindsight, of feeling like "The Scapegoat" in Life......

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    Finding Wings

    21 months ago

    Not really a poem, not really song lyrics, not..... IDK what is this? It's just me having fun with words and organizing them in a manner which tells my message. Enjoy...

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    AY PAPI!!!

    2 years ago

    A (not-so) Self-effacing vision of my past valleys and the journey to spectacular future peaks! (btw- I crushed this one!)

  • LISTEN UP!!!!

    LISTEN UP!!!!

    5 months ago

    "Listen Up" is a typical poem for me that I begin when I'm in a horrible place and then use my writing as self- therapy bringing myself back to a confident, upbeat, thankful, faithful mood. Swag even!

  • I'm Possible

    I'm Possible

    2 years ago

    So in honor of my rekindling my old flame and remembering all those who have lost SO MUCH to the horror of closed head injuries, I have written a song/poem to fire me back up- and anyone else who wants to claim my sentiments.

  • Do or Die

    Do or Die

    23 months ago

    What I've felt What I've known Never shined through in what I've shown Meant to Be Not for Me Soared o’er what might have been

  • And You Thought You Knew!!

    And You Thought You Knew!!

    23 months ago

    *I don’t choose to dream -But it helps dull the pain -Would it be better to Vomit or Die? -Until I decide, I must write this or cry -I live in 2 different worlds -And all they do is compete -There’s Me and then there's my Hell -My riddle is I’m f*ckin stuck in the Middle

  • Waiting To Die

    Waiting To Die

    23 months ago

    PAIN: Graphic, sharp, stunning- but also slow, blunt, numbing.

  • Good Riddance To The

    Good Riddance To The "Oughts"!! : The worst Decade EVER!

    23 months ago

    My rant written the night of Dec. 31, 2009. "So tonight I’m going to celebrate the death of “The Oughts” and the birth of a New Tomorrow, “The Teens”- pure as a crisp, white, winter morning and brimming with Hope and Optimism"

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    "I Will Fear No Evil...."

    23 months ago

    Let me tell you about the day I met Satan...

  • Shut Your Mouth!!

    Shut Your Mouth!!

    23 months ago

    So, I’m kind of a “fake tough guy”. People are always impressed when I tell the story of my defiance of any and all doubts and negative prognosticators. It’s absolutely 100% true- my sad and miserable, but supposedly “strong” and inspiring mission in life is to Prove all ya muthaf**kas Wrong!!!!



    22 months ago

    The key to Success is Sexy!!!

  • Teardrops In The Rain

    Teardrops In The Rain

    23 months ago

    Journey from shedding insignificant tears, washed away by the storm, to living a life of Purpose, filled with, make that FAITH! And "That's FAR from Teardrops in the Rain!"


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