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  • The Rug of Life

    The Rug of Life

    9 years ago

    I am sure each of you have heard the expression, ' I had the rug pulled out from under me'. Well I had just that happen last night. You know life is full of surprises, some awesome, some not so. My youngest son will soon be 29. I love him with all...

  • This Economy is Killing Us!!

    This Economy is Killing Us!!

    10 years ago

    I recieved a phone call from my oldest son last night, he is 41 years old. He is in Texas and I am in New Hampshire. He has a lawn service that he has done very well with for the last 10 years. But as fate would have it the economy fell in the ditch...

  • When You Look at Me......

    When You Look at Me......

    11 years ago

    What do you see when you look at me? The lines in my face or my eyes filled with glee? Do you look any deeper or is it only surface you see? Do you see the pain, the strife and the love? Are those things obvious when you're looking at me? I am...

  • What is in a 'Thank You'?

    What is in a 'Thank You'?

    11 years ago

    'Thank You', how many times a day do we say those words? One time, ten times or more? Two easy little words that sometimes many find hard to say. Two special little words that can bring a smile to someones face, bring one to tears or sometimes one...

  • You Can't Always Get What YouWant!!

    You Can't Always Get What YouWant!!

    11 years ago

    Thoughts on why it is when we want something so bad we either don't get, it takes a long time coming to fruition, or we get just as good or sometimes better.

  • If the Sky Was Love!!

    If the Sky Was Love!!

    11 years ago

    Can you imagine If the sky was love we could look at it all day and be showered from above. When it rained or it snowed we'd be drenched with it's goodness and how it would show in each of us. When the sun is shining and it;s so very hot we'd...

  • My Meja

    My Meja

    12 years ago

    The sweet gift of a loving daughter-in-law.

  • Tis' Fall Again!!

    Tis' Fall Again!!

    12 years ago

    Fall, the heralding in of a new season, all the colors that our eyes behold, a change in the weather for many reasons, refreshing and welcomed as an old friend. What is it about Autumn that quickens our step, Gives us a lift and adds some zest to...

  • Those Who Cross Our Paths

    Those Who Cross Our Paths

    12 years ago

    We should always be kind in our hearts and minds and lives.

  • To Compete!!

    To Compete!!

    12 years ago

    Isn't it funny how much competition there is in everyday life?? We compete for jobs, for positions, for love, for attention, to be heard, to be noticed... the list just does not end. Life is a unending road of competition. Someitmes it just doesn't...

  • Tears of Laughter, Tears of Pain!!

    Tears of Laughter, Tears of Pain!!

    12 years ago

    I wonder sometimes how many tears I have cried over my lifetime. If measured would it be gallons or more? Crying can be good for you. When Lady Di was killed I stayed up all night and watched the funeral. I cried the whole time. But you know it was...

  • 12 Months!!!

    12 Months!!!

    12 years ago

    One Year!!!!! I have now been writing on Hubpages for a year. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I have vented, I have cried, I have written of my life, my thoughts and from my heart. I have met other Hubbers that are so much more gifted...

  • Am I Hiding??

    Am I Hiding??

    12 years ago

    So many years of giving and giving. So many tears and sleepless nights. Always afraid, waiting and wondering. It didn't seem fair, my heart needed a rest. I felt at a stand still, time waits for no one, life whirling around me, What could I have...

  • 5 Brothers

    5 Brothers

    12 years ago

    Had a call yesterday, my Uncle died. He had been in the hospital for 2 weeks. He was a healthy man and very active for many years. He had a heart attack in January and things just seem to snowball downhill from there. He would have been 72 next...

  • 'The Bat'

    'The Bat'

    12 years ago

     I recently moved to the New England area and it is so beautiful here. I live on the third floor of a turn of the century house that has been turned into eight units. It is quiet here and has lots of trees. I enjoy sitting out on the deck anytime...

  • 'Man Cave

    'Man Cave"

    12 years ago

    I know you have heard of them. Men having their own little get away rooms. All decked out in he latest electronics and comforts. I think there is even a show about designing them now. But when does it become to much? Sometimes it can be taken to the...

  • To Find a Friend

    To Find a Friend

    12 years ago

    This poem is dedicated to my precious, irreplacable, blessings to my life, my 'Friends!' Charlotte, Meja, Grace, Trina, Tommy, and the list goes on!! I have found a friend in each of you, I hope I can be as good a friend to you as you have been to...

  • When It's Raining

    When It's Raining

    12 years ago

    I was sitting on the porch this morning drinking my coffee enjoying the country quietness and the view. There is a pond on the property here, but I can't see it from the porch. As I sat there I heard a noise, it sounded like a thousand crickets...

  • 'What Is It About A Sunrise?'

    'What Is It About A Sunrise?'

    12 years ago

    What is it about a sunrise that touches us deep inside? Is it the start of a brand new day, all fresh from a night of darkness, the sun need no longer hide? Is it the promise of a new start, a chance to begin again? Or is it just the beauty that...

  • ' Richie'

    ' Richie'

    12 years ago

    A poem about a son through his Mother's eyes.

  • Does It Ever End?

    Does It Ever End?

    12 years ago

    Life is short! At least to those of us who have been around a while. The younger generation seem to think that they are going to live forever. They give no thought to how what they do today is going to effect their lives tomorrow, next year, 20 or...

  • Our Words

    Our Words

    12 years ago

    Have you ever thought about how many words you speak in a day? Words, next to love, makes the world go round. Without words where would we be? There would be almost no communication, limited at best. No dictionaries, no need for computers, tv or...

  • 22 Years

    22 Years

    12 years ago

    I am feeling a little down today. It is the 22nd anniversary of my Dads death. Some of you may have read my Hub on this 'Time Stood Still'. My Father committed suicide. I had to go to the Dr. the week after he died. My insides would not quit...

  • The List

    The List

    12 years ago

    Several Years ago I wrote a list of all the things I would want in a man. I recently burned that list and sent it off into the sky, out into the universe, out beyond my realm of control. Why? Because I am tired of holding on to things. I think maybe...

  • 'Tippy'


    12 years ago

    My son called me earlier and asked me to come down to the house. He said that Tippy, my little dog, would not come out from under the house for him and wanted me to come and call him to me. I went down and called and called and whistled but he...

  • The Telephone

    The Telephone

    12 years ago

    I was just watching 'The Big Chill '. One of the characters was on the phone and the cord was stretched way out. It reminded me of when I was a girl and we had a phone on the wall in the hall. My dad was strict with us about the phone. At night I...

  • The Stand

    The Stand

    12 years ago

    'The Stand', have you seen it? I read the book, actually two books, by Stephen King. the first he wrote they made him cut it by 300 pages. Then several years later, when he became famous, they published the second book with the original 300 pages...

  • Memories of Easter Past

    Memories of Easter Past

    12 years ago

    Eggs dyed in secret, all put away. The Easter bunny has been here! Children shouting with joy. Colorful Easter baskets stuffed full of goodies. Chocolate bunnies, ears eaten off. Big family dinners, lots of good talk, fellowship is easy...

  • Is There Really Such a Thing as a Fairy Tale Ending?

    Is There Really Such a Thing as a Fairy Tale Ending?

    12 years ago

    You know where the knight in shining armor rides in on his big white horse, or his white limo? Where the guy comes in and sweeps you off your feet with flowers. Or He speeds to the airport just in time to catch you before you board, or he jumps on...

  • When Home Doesn't Feel Like Home

    When Home Doesn't Feel Like Home

    12 years ago

    I have traveled many times over the years. Stayed with family, in-laws, friends, a week or two at time. I have always been so glad to come back home. I left my home ten weeks ago for the trip of a life time. I just returned on Monday. For the...

  • Was It A Vision?

    Was It A Vision?

    12 years ago

    Something happened to me the other day that I have never experienced. After it happened I went straight the internet to find out the real meaning of it. I seem to have come up against a semi-brick wall. I still am not sure what it was, I do know...

  • Write Till Your Heart's Content

    Write Till Your Heart's Content

    12 years ago

    A goo d friend I met online introduced me to Hubpages. For this I am so grateful.  'It is very therapeutic' I was told. I have found this to be so true. I have spilled my heart here, shared experiences, read others hubs and seen their hearts,...

  • What Will I Leave Behind??

    What Will I Leave Behind??

    12 years ago

    The recent death of a friend has brought a question to my mind. When I am gone from this world, what will I leave behind? I have done nothing significant to leave my mark on the world. I have no huge talents, I am not college smart. I am a 'Jill of...

  • Why Does One Choose Suicide?

    Why Does One Choose Suicide?

    12 years ago

    I just received a call from my Daughter-in-law. Her brother shot himself in the chest with a shot gun. They don't expect him to make it through the night. And yes it was self inflicted. Why? I really do not know. I could make a lot of guesses, but...

  • The Sounds of the Country

    The Sounds of the Country

    12 years ago

    I am visiting a friend who lives out in the country on 65 acres in Arkansas. The first 5 years of my life was spent in the country. I was to young to appreciate it then. But now, having been here a month, I have come to notice so many things about...

  • Why Do We Blame??

    Why Do We Blame??

    12 years ago

    It's funny how when something happens we are quick to blame the obvious person or persons. The definition of blame in The American Heritage Dictionary is: 1. To hold responsible. 2. To find fault with; censure. I learned at an early age what it is...

  • 62 Pounds and Counting

    62 Pounds and Counting

    12 years ago

    To date I have now lost 62 pounds. I have to tell you, it feels wonderful. 15 months ago I was very unhappy with myself and my life. I started making little changes in my eating habits and slowly I began to lose weight. It has made a huge difference...

  • My favorite Job

    My favorite Job

    12 years ago

    I have had many jobs in my lifetime. Some great, some really left something to be desired. The very first job I ever had was at a five and dime store. You hardly see those anymore. I was hired to wrap gifts at Christmas for the buying customers. It...

  • So Many Diets, How Do You Choose?

    So Many Diets, How Do You Choose?

    12 years ago

    There are so many diet programs, diet books, diet pills, diet advice out there today that it can be very confusing and overwhelming. You see it on the TV on the internet and your Dr. has quite a selection too I am sure. So what do you do, how do you...

  • The Sound of Laughter!!

    The Sound of Laughter!!

    12 years ago

    What makes you laugh? I have found that just the littlest thing can sometimes make me laugh. Things that make me laugh and you laugh can vary greatly. I think of my sons and daughter-in-law and their laughter and it makes me smile. They all three...

  • Who's Behind the Screen Name?

    Who's Behind the Screen Name?

    12 years ago

    The screen names on some of the websites out there are very intriguing to me. I have seen some strange ones, some naughty ones, some make you ask yourself ' What were they thinking?' and some just plain old down to earth names. There is a site that...

  • The Advantages of Home Schooling

    The Advantages of Home Schooling

    12 years ago

    The experiences of a single mom trying to get her son through school and graduated.

  • Running From Hurricane Rita

    Running From Hurricane Rita

    12 years ago

    Hurricane Rita was on her way to our area. I have lived on the Gulf Coast for 56 years. Have been through many Hurricanes, but never have I had to evacuate til Rita. They said it would be very bad with flooding expected. We walked through our homes...

  • It's a Quarter to Three...

    It's a Quarter to Three...

    12 years ago

    .....and I cannot sleep, I toss and I turn and still no relief. God I need You now. My thoughts are a mess, I need some rest. I get up, step out the door and silence surrounds me. Alone on the porch, the dark, like a cloak, falls in...

  • A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

    A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

    12 years ago

    I was looking at some pics today and I was wondering how many millions of pictures are floating around this old world. Pics in peoples closets, up on shelves, in their attics, their hope chests, in wallets. Tucked away in albums, hanging on walls....

  • Ladies if I can Do It YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    Ladies if I can Do It YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    12 years ago

    I just returned to a friends house, not my home, from a long needed trip. I say long, I have put 3,804 miles on my car in 28 days. All by myself!! That's right, alone. I took my 45 Luger with me, a GPS, loaded my car and with limited funds I took...

  • Please Stop Doing This

    Please Stop Doing This

    12 years ago

    I was taking a nice nap today when there was a knock at my door. Of course it figures, I take a nap and the phone doesn't stop ringing or someone comes to the door. It is my son and his girl. They come in, sit down, smoke a cigarette and we talk...

  • You're Not Getting My Point

    You're Not Getting My Point

    12 years ago

    My youngest son is 25. He has anger and drug problems. I have watched him have fits of rage for almost 7 years now, he's been on drugs, one kind or the other, for over 10 years. I am sure that they go hand in hand, drugs and anger. I do not know how...

  • A Little Life

    A Little Life

    12 years ago

    Children are precious miracles sent from God. He puts them in our care. These little ones first experience with trust is with their parents. And the sad thing is their first experience with distrust is sometimes also with the same. This is so...

  • Christmas Through Their Eyes

    Christmas Through Their Eyes

    12 years ago

    Christmas as seen by a Grandma through her Grandsons eyes and the innocence of children at that time of the year.

  • Love, What is it?

    Love, What is it?

    12 years ago

    Many people come to me to talk. They use me as a sounding board. I am a very good listener and try to help if I can. A friend came to me the other day and cried because she is in love with someone who she thought was in love with her, but he is...

  • Living With a Mentally Ill Husband

    Living With a Mentally Ill Husband

    12 years ago

    One womans experiences on living life with a paranoid schizophrenic, bi-polar man.

  • Unemployed in a Small Town

    Unemployed in a Small Town

    13 years ago

    I have been looking for work for 10 months. I live in a small town in Texas. When I first became unemployed, in January, the want ads in the local "big" newspaper were plentiful. A whole page of ads. Today it is two columns, if that. Job positions...

  • Faithfulness- Where Has it Gone?

    Faithfulness- Where Has it Gone?

    13 years ago

    A very dear friend of mine came to me the other day and spilled her guts. She has been cheating on her husband and it has caught up with her. No, he didn't catch her, but her conscience has caught up with her. I was floored, I know her well and...

  • The Repercussions of Being Molested

    The Repercussions of Being Molested

    13 years ago

    Dealing with molestation as a child takes a lifetime of coping.

  • The Opposite Sex

    The Opposite Sex

    13 years ago

    Men say "Women! Can't understand them!" Women say "Men! Will never understand them!" Truth be told, we never really completely understand anyone in our lives. And yet we want to blame it on the gender. Why? Easier than blaming ourselves, maybe. But...

  • Do You Want Some Of this?

    Do You Want Some Of this?

    12 years ago

    A Mom's struggle and heartbreak with her sons addictions.

  • Time Stood Still

    Time Stood Still

    12 years ago

    My Dad had been gone all morning. He hadn't been feeling well and I was wondering where he was. He came in close to lunch time and seem frustrated. I always stayed out of his way when he was like this. My son, 1 week shy of being 4, said to my Dad,"...


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