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ARE YOU TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE - Complex of Saviour

Updated on April 20, 2010


Are you one of the good guys in this world who live to help the others?

Have you ever felt misused or manipulated from others?

Have you ever got impression that that ones who ask you for help are actually in much better position then you are ? And you have urge to help them anyway, even if that lives you in very unfavourable position?

Do you believe that you need to completely deny yourself and that you need to sacrifice your own happiness in order that others can be happy?

Are you constantly inspired by saints and holy people?

Do you feel guilty if your heart is not constantly wide open?

Do you constantly have need to give to the others while not being able to receive anything?

Well, if you recognize some of these symptoms in your behaviour, you became "to good to be true" or better to say, you became "evil" towards yourself. What cannot work well. You will not became saint if you think about yourself as not worthy to fulfill your own human needs, you have just - lack of love for yourself.

It is not balanced behaviour if you constantly give to the others what you are not giving to yourself - sooner or later your "saviour complex" software will start to show all mistakes you are doing to yourself, and you will become bitter or constantly ill (tumors are very often result of constant surpressing of one´s own need in favour of others) Good people need to become much more "egocentric" and "selfish" in order to attain balance in their life, as well as selfish ones need to learn how to give to the others.

If you, the good guy, want to survive on this planet, you need to be " selfish enough to want good for yourself as well".

It is much easier to be good then bad, and goodness is certainly one of the most beautiful human characteristics....which can be so easy misused from others.

This goodness in human hearts, in combination with low self-esteem is widely misused by various organizations (religious, political, business ones) that manipulate with "good, non-selfish people" - the best you can get from them for everything you give is some kind of non-material reward...or promises. Reward can be anything abstract, from simple words like "thank you", or some kind of medal for good deeds done to the promise of paradise.


Why is manipulation happening?

Because of vital energy - there are people, groups, organizations who feed themselves only with energy of others.

Many people are used to live on other´s people energy only, since their childhood. They do not want to grow up and become more responsible for themselves, and find their own source of vital energy - they always need others to parasite on them, to help them live. Such people think that everyone in the world is supposed to help them and that whole world is created just because of them.

  • They are that ones, who usually create problems and then expect from others to become the heroes or saviours and solve their problems. if you fulfill such expectations, you will certainly not progress - sooner or later you will get stuck. If you learn to recognize such people, avoid them and tell them "NO", you will save a lot of vital energy - for sorting out your own life.
  • They are that ones who think that the others have "God given powers" expressed through themselves just to give them away freely to anyone. In their mind, anyone who has any knowledge or gift just wakes up one morning and says to the God:

"Well, God, please give me that ability, I need to save humanity".

God answers: "No problems, you are my chosen one to help the others FOR FREE, without any effort from their side, here you are"....

In the following minutes, dramatic transformation starts to occur, and "chosen one" becomes completely full of endless energy, power and desire to free humanity from suffering on any possible way: to heal them, to clothe them, to feed them, to save them, to fulfill any of their imaginable wishes, needs or desires...while denying oneself. Chosen one is not supposed to exist any more as individual with human ego- he is just "instrument" of God´s love, one big heart that yearns to cure the others, beam of light and love which creates the miracles like Santa Claus in supermarket giving toys to the children. "

This story sounds familiar, from modern movies, fairy tales and religious legends, doesn´t it?

The absurd of humanity is that we believe in that and expect that others behave as our saviours, or we play role of one.


Well, every "chosen one" sooner or later realizes that it takes a lot of effort, work and knowledge to become good in helping, and this tremendous work cannot be done if there he/she does not receive what needed for that help: money or any kind of needed and well deserved MATERIAL reward. Anyway if someone wants to help, this person needs and deserves ALL MATERIAL TOOLS for helping the others . In addition to that, one cannot regularly help while being poor and while starving. Correct?

Altough is real happiness certainly far beyond realms of material existance, we live here and now in material world and in this world we need to enjoy and this world (created by nature) we need to respect as well.



It is very normal that people do help each other, we all are here to learn that lesson. There are times and situations like we have now in Haiti where helping the others is the most natural act .

But not every human desire is important enough to be called "emergency" - so for "too good" people is very important to learn to distinct "important" of "non-important"... and people who are always in some sort of "emergency" from that ones who really need help. Usually the last ones are more quiet and less pushy.

After all - we do not live only with people on this planet:

  • there is whole world of NATURE around us that needs our help: animals, plants, woods, waters of the Earth....every human "goal" or "desire" IS NOT ALWAYS TOP PRIORITY...there are the others living beings here, beside us humans and our life-goals we need to think of. If we would look the world on that healthy way, our world would not be so chaotic as it is today.

When you have your urge to help, choose wisely and help for the good of the whole creation, this will make you truly happy and fulfilled. You are beloved part of that creation, so please do not forget to help to yourself as well.


Tatiana Mihaela Pribic

Reiki teacher and holistic healer

For my online healing services (consultations, homeopathic remedies, long distance healing) please contact me on my e-mail: Prices of my online services are on my profile page





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