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A Certified Nurses Assistant and a Home Health Aide.

Had started my internet journey by blogging. I enjoy web surfing too and stumbling into cute websites. That was THEN....

To these days most of my online time would be on Hubpages, Googling stuffs, spending time with Facebook or watching my favorite series on The Filipino Channel. If not, you will find me watching "Restaurant Imposible," "Giving You The Business," and "Long Island Medium."

I also love dreaming and I tend to remember most (if not all) of my dreams. I had dreams that came true and love having flying dreams!

For now, I'm continuing my Hubpages journey and being patience with myself on writing. I write here on any topic I could think of. But I enjoy hubbing about legends of plants, fruits, animals. I also have few hubs on repurposing materials, few hubs about animated movies and hubs of unusual colors of fruits and vegetables that people hadn't seen yet. Like for example, have you heard about a purple carrot or a blue mushroom?

And if I could describe my personality in three words, I would select how people that knows me describes me: quite, eccentric, and I don't have any problem being alone. In fact, (if I don't have to go out) I'd rather stay home :) 

One more thing, and I don't like this one about me, I tend to worry a lot about anything, imagining the worst scenarious. While in fact, in most of those cases things turned out to be alright.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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