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Having lived in a mildly haunted house in my formative years I have been fascinated with the paranormal and the plain ODD for a long time.

It helps that I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland, perhaps the world's most haunted city, where I help run the Badjao Bed and Breakfast, http://www.badjao.co.uk/ and keep up our blog, http://therealbadjao.blogspot.co.uk/. Please take a few minutes to visit these.

In the past I put everything I wrote here but I am now focussing my hubs on Forteana, the Paranormal, and related topics and removing non performing hubs. This is going well and I am slowly moving articles to my other blogs, improving them as I go.

I am currently focusing on writing about digital technology on my tech blog

(which serves as my online notes as well) http://digitalsteampunk.blogspot.co.uk/

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      • Are there problems with tracking earnings?

        Are there problems with tracking earnings?

        5 years ago

        For about a month I was getting money from impressions every day. Now I am getting nothing and hand nothing for a week but have more views than ever.  This is not impossible but unlikely.  Another hubber I...

      • Hub Metrics

        Hub Metrics

        6 years ago

        I note the earning potential is based on the content of the hub or keywords.  Is it possible to  give a historical record of earnings for each hub, possibly as a graph over time,  and, in the earnings...

      • Mathematics


        6 years ago

        Would it be possible to support the  taghttp://www.w3.org/MarkUp/html3/maths.htmlor find some other way to present complex equations.

      • Typesetting Mathematics in hub pages

        Typesetting Mathematics in hub pages

        6 years ago

        I have stuff I wrote using Latex for fairly complex formulae. Integrals, special symbols, fractions,  equation arrays etc. What is the simplest way to get these into a hub?I do not want to have to do a screen...

      • Amazon and ebay

        Amazon and ebay

        8 years ago

        1. What, hopefully minor changes.  can I make to my hubs to maximise the chance of income from Amazon or Ebay. Their keyword search algorithm seems a little odd to me2. How long on average before one gets any...