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I am old enough to know better than to tell you how old I am!

Lets just leave it at I have grandchildren and that I saw the Beatles in concert!

I love to write about almost anything. I have a wicked sense of humor which sometimes people dont get. I try to never intentionally hurt someone with my humor, but gentle ribbing should be more acceptable in todays world of PC indoctrination.

Mostly I write straight from my heart. I write about things that have affected my life and brought me to this place, wherever that is. I hope to reach others with my writing and help them perhaps find themselves in some of my words.

I also write for my children and grandchildren so that they will have a legacy of sorts to remember our family, and me, when Im no longer around to drive them crazy!

I am passionate about politics, especially this election cycle. Ive always engaged but never as much as the past 10 years or so. Some people call it getting old. I call it caring.

My life is simple. I enjoy being with people. I dont think Ive ever met a stranger. My friends describe me as caring and kind.

I love my family and Im crazy about America. Im a homebody in that I love my home and all my "things" and I gain great comfort and peace in being home. People tell me that my home reflects my personality which is warm and welcoming.

I think thats a great compliment.

I am a loyal friend and you can count on me to be there if you need me.

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