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Updated on June 3, 2010

Whole world is now in recession - financial chaos is now actually everywhere. I am not surprised - there is more then ever people living on Earth and not enough jobs created. Instead of employing more people, modern technology is firing the people.There are useless wars we fight, instead of negotiations and wars cost so much money that they directly kill economy. We also waste the natural resources of our planet, it is a time we get the push back. Karma. It is just warning - hey people, slow down, where are you going?

I live in the country where we have recession (it was named with various names) for many decades, actually comparing to the countries of "Western World", we never had strong economy since the Second World War. Everything what is now happening in USA, we are used to that as a normal part of life, especially since we have capitalism. Add to that civil war we had for 4 years. Well, we are still alive and some of us can even have smile and be so happy.

Not enough jobs? Companies firing? Loosing properties? Insecure financial future? Well, big part of the world lives on exactly that way for ages.

The lesson of life is not to value only material things we buy and sell- life is much more then that - relationships, connection with nature, appreciation for other living beings... we cannot get and not give.

From the another point of view, take step back in the history... Despite the all problems, please mention the time when so many people lived in such comfort as today? So it is not so bad as it looks like, on the contrary.

Even if you lost something (job, or social security, or house) you did not loose everything - your life is not only what you lost, it is more then that - you still have your dearest ones, family, friends, new friends in the future, you still have all your creative energy, your life, your imagination, you have yourself.

Be grateful for that you have - keep focus on that, not on sadness because of your loss , this what you have and gratitude for that will help you to gain more again.

What to do if you suddenly loose your job? Employ yourself!

It is not pleasant experience, people feel like there is permanent earthquake in their lives.

But the worst thing somebody can do, is to start panicking. Fears create new problems, becomes nobody cannot find solution to the problem while constantly trembling from fear.

Do not expect that government will take care about you (it might happen, but not too likely: there are too many unemployed people around the world, already.)

Instead of that, pull yourself together and create your own job. You have just got the opportunity of your life - enough time to think what would you like the most in your life. You can create the job of your dreams! You will not have a boss above you to control you and manipulate with your time and energies, you will be your own boss! You can choose the working hours and days on the way which suit you. You will never be able to fire yourself! You will learn that the most important is to highly value yourself, recommend yourself, promote yourself, support yourself - what is extremely important for developing self-esteem. Thanks to this experience you have opportunity to become stronger then ever.

Loosing the job while working for some company is actually gift from the Heaven! Not the punishment. The gift is the most valuable one - you got your own time back and you can do everything what you want...Remember, while working for somebody else we always wanted our own TIME back. So now is here.

Well, you will find out, that it might happen to you that you will work much more working hours for yourself, then you did for the others.... but there will be no pressure in this work (only if you start to panick).

You will have time to relax your nerves, time for improving the most important relationships, time for your own children, friends, pets, garden, time to every day learn something new. Brilliant!

Creative Divine forces gave this gift actually to the chosen ones - to the ones who have so high level of creativity and abilities so they can be functional on their own. Be grateful to this blessing!

  • You will find out how important is to stay in good health and be creative till the end of life - you will not be able to completely get burned from the inappropriate job and when retired, just be able to spend all money on healing. Instead of that, you will learn how to use your vital energies wisely...
  • While having your own business, you will learn how to expand all your talents and creativity, which would never be used if you stayed employed in some company
  • You will learn how world and life can be inspiring and great even with less money - because with more time you actually need less money.
  • You will learn how life can be beautiful when simplified and more natural and how your job can become your big passion (since is performed without pressure from others).

How to gain inspiration

Go to the nature as much as possible, let your mind become calm, and observe. Nature will teach you true wisdom of life, plus help you to expand your creativity...

You will learn there much more then you can imagine, as well as you will become connected with deeper meaning of your life

Life is not so serious like people think, it is also beautifull, challenging game to play....take it that way.

You will learn how you can enjoy the life on so simple and beautiful ways - as addition to visiting the nature, start to enjoy the pleasure of window-shopping (does not cost anything) enjoy sitting on the bench in the park with friends while drinking juice and eating snacks (instead of visiting too expensive restaurants), ...actually you can do everything what you use to do when you were younger, when you did not need so many things to be well and happy.

You can be set free from the burdens of life, if your mind becomes free and open, like it was when you were child: widely open to the world of new possibilities.

Your life is your creation only - your visions (positive or negative) come true, always. So accept responsibility for your own life, do not blame others and be gratefull for what you already have. Your life is in your hands only.

Sunshine in the river Zrmanja, Croatia, photo by Tatjana-Mihaela
Sunshine in the river Zrmanja, Croatia, photo by Tatjana-Mihaela

What is the real meaning of being financially rich?

Few days ago I have found out that I am rich person and that I have been that majority of my life:

"Being rich means to be able to earn enough money for your own life expences (for place where you live, for food, clothes etc) plus have enough money to invest in expanding your own creativity".

If you already have that, you are already rich and successfull. So stop complaining and congratulate yourself.

If you can comprehend and embrace this deep wisdom, your next life-steps will go much easier, when you feel rich money will start to flow in your life much more then when you think about yourself as poor and miserable.

Your life is your creation - keep it as such, do not put in hands of somebody else and everything will go fine.

Being rich is not connected only with money - of course you have to have good relationships, be healthy (without health there is no money), and do the things you like the most.

Photo by Tatjana-Mihaela
Photo by Tatjana-Mihaela

Money and health

Health is very important for performing any job - you can save money on everything what is not nessessary in your life, but please invest in your health, natural ways of course. If you invest time and money in that resource, you will gain more energy and be able to earn much money later on. This is simple logick.

If you do not do it on time, later on, you will need to spend much more time and money to achieve health balance, but with poor health, you will not be able to earn money for this purpuse.

Prevention is the best way of saving money on health. Smaller investments now will save you of much bigger investments later on.

There are several health-factors which influence somebody´s ability to earn money:

1. If somebody does not have some minerals in the body, as Calcium, this affects the person on the way she/he starts to feel poor, so these negative feeling create problems with the money in real life, sooner or later

2. Lack of Iron - lack of Iron means lack of vital energy and oxygen in the system. Without Iron, which also has magnetic purposes, we cannot "magnetise" good financial results.

3. Lack of sexual hormones - sexual hormones start to drop down some time around 35 - for women and men is the same. If you suddenly start to experience financial troubles, like nobody wants to pay your for your products and services, and you feel overall lack of energy consider the possibility that you have lack of sexual hormones. When you spend them, nobody takes you serious in the financial area any more. You need to replace them on natural ways, so money will start to flow.

More about this topic, in one of my next Hubs.

Visualisation and money

Power of visualisation

Visualisation is of main importance for getting money - what we observe and accept as ours, we create in our material reality.

Do not complain abut money, do not be jealous on anybody`s financial success. Do not criticize the ways the others have to earn money: keep focus on your, positive way.

If you think that you are in extremely difficult financial position, please look at the rest of world, especially Third World countries, and you will see enough reasons to be grateful for, as well as you will gain deep understanding that we are in the same boat, and that nothing is going one without higher purpose.

When you achieve feeling of the deep gratitude for all previous, present and future material and spiritual blessings in your life, start to visualise money, flowing in your life.

Visualize regurarly - it is much more easier then complain and to feel sorry for yourself! Step by step, visualisation will become effective and you will start to earn instead of loose.

Wishing you a lot of joy and succes

Tatiana - Michaela Pribic

Reiki Teacher and alternative healer

Sunset in Zadar, Karma, Arbanasi, photo by Tatjana-Mihaela
Sunset in Zadar, Karma, Arbanasi, photo by Tatjana-Mihaela




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