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I am an expreacher turned philosophy who came out of the Baptist denomination in chosing to follow the teachings and example of Yoshua (Jesus) the anointed rather than preach it while not living as he did.  I followed isaiah 7:14-22 and learned the laws of civilization [butter] and nature [honey] and have chosen to live in the self-reproducing environment over civilization so as to be numbered with the "alive and remaining" once the tribulation or end of the world is accomplished.  

I am 67, a boy [sperm producer of man] with a testimony of a new conception, gestation, trivial, birth, babyhood, childhood and am a 27 years adolescent (Romans 1:20) expecting to obtain the abilities Yoshua said we would obtain when we believe (John 14:12) any day now.  I left my wife and job (Matthew 19:29) in 1976 to  become a nomad folowing as Yoshua was for 18 years, I have been one for 36+ as 2012 ends.  

This life has taught me there is no good nor evil, that everything happens in a cycle and all lives are predestimed because of Karma [Sowing and Reaping] which controlls reincarnation.  Because of it, I fiind it easy to acept all atrocities such as the killing in Conn.  

I have come to recognize all actual religions have some truth but none have everything concerning it.  Only by intergreating the religions, history, science and nature will we ever comprehend the whole comprehension of life.  So long as we cling to only one we will always have unanswered questions concerning life.  

Politically, I desire to see the US become a constitutional nation.  The Preamble is what the founders intended for this nation to become although when Wasington said "let us raise a stadard only the wise and honest car repir"  he knew they were not wise nor honest enough to implement it.   

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