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Back when the earth was still cooling, Shirley Anderson wrote print articles for newspapers and magazines. In fact, she was a monthly contributor to one paper for 5 years. That publication is no longer around. It wasn't her fault.

Nowadays, Shirley's articles are harder to find. She writes a ton of them, but as most are ghostwritten, they bear other people's names. Guess that makes her the Greta Garbo of writing.

If you'd like a glimpse of this elusive writer's work, check out her hubs. Rumour has it that she drops in at StumbleUpon, too. Her articles with a by line were last seen here: Shirley Anderson on Suite101 and here: Shirley Anderson - EzineArticles.com Expert Author

The best way to catch Shirley is to sign up for your own Hubpages account. Publish hubs, make a few bucks and hobnob right along with her.

An alternative method would be to visit her website, maybe buy one of those collector's articles for yourself.

Won't you please be Shirley's friend? It's a good way to find out where she's hiding.

Want to track the elusive Shirley Anderson?

Check out Shirley Anderson's Sta.rtUp.Biz page! Don't forget to look at her LinkedIn profile while you're at it and maybe join her on RedGage.

Hey! I just (finally!) joined twitter! Follow Shirley Anderson on twitter.


Now, if it's a play you're looking for, then you NEED a fellow Hubber by the name of ProCW. He is an extraordinary Playwright and fabulous person! Don't take my word for it, find out for yourself.


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These two are my personal favourites of the hubs I've written so far:

The Beatles Album Cuts

Places To Sell Your Writing


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