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I am a mother of six and grandmother of fourteen.

My hobbies are writing,reading,photography and exploring the Welsh countryside with my partner Dai.

I have loved writing from a young age

I am living my dream by being successful in having two books published and another as we speak.

Published by Publish America is the first in my series of children story book consisting of two mischievous farm kittens getting into so many scrapes and adventures ;

This very first book is called

'Bobby and BIlly;Bobby's Lost Voice!!'

Below is the link to my book which is for sale on Amazon.


Another which has been accepted by Publish America and is currently being published as we speak.called

'My Beautiful Rock Rose'.

This is a book of fifty poems in my daughter Erin's memory but I would like to add here that the poems are not all sad ;some are humorous;words of a grieving mother;inspiring,beautiful etc.

I hope that someone who is today walking on life's rough roads for any reason will find their much needed strength and solace from this book.

I hope that by sharing my grief and my adjustments so that I am able to cope will in turn help others .

I also have an ebooks published; my very first ebook on Smashwords 'Sunshine Ray and I' is fictional but based on true life.

One day out of the blue I decide to research the Native Americans ;mostly the Cherokees so this is what i did!!!

Slowly the deeper I went into their lives ;beliefs and faith I found that I could relate to them from a very deep level.

Below is the link for this book if you would like to read and follow!


I am now busy working on the second book in this series and I love every moment of doing so.

"Expectance and acceptance " are two very promiment words in my personal vocabulary.

Writing and the many healing qualities of nature (as you will find out from many of my hubs) have ceretainly helped me overcome many hurdles in life and today my message is that no matter how dark our days are the sunshine and beauty are still there. Never ever lose that hope or belief.

Today I am also busy worjking working on a writing course set up by The Writers Bureau and thorughly enjoying it as well as learning each and every day.

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      • RESOLVED: email notifications

        RESOLVED: email notifications

        3 years ago

        I have been away from my internet for a month and returned HubPages yesterday only to find out that I no longer have emails notifying me of new hubs published by hubbers I am following. I am only receiving emails...

      • Notifications ?

        Notifications ?

        3 years ago

        I have been away from HubPages for over a month and have just gone into my emails to find my notifications so that I can read newly published hubs but all I find there are notifications of more comments on hubs I am...

      • Ccolours.


        3 years ago

        What is your favourite colour and why??

      • Have you noticed any difference in yourself.

        Have you noticed any difference in yourself.

        4 years ago

        Since joining HubPages a good while ago now my writing has been a therapy from heart-breaking issues in my life.Today I know and feel that I am healing since my daughter Erin's passing but not just this I have grown as...

      • That Rota !!!

        That Rota !!!

        4 years ago

        Hi how many hubbers out there adhere strictly to a rotat or time table???

      • Promoting??


        4 years ago

        One of my challenges for this New Year is to promote my Ebooks . I would be grateful if others could share their own experiences with promoting Ebooks and here's to a great weekend ahead.

      • Writer's Course.

        Writer's Course.

        4 years ago

        Back in 1999 I enrolled in  A Writing Course with The Writers Bureau but did not go further than module 2.However there is no time limit on it so I have today  returned to complete. I am now wondering if...

      • Seasons.


        5 years ago

        I love writing on how Mother Nature inspires me;I love writing about every season but by a small margin I think my favourite is Sringtime when all comes to life again. New chicks growing and new buds opening.Which is...

      • Time table??

        Time table??

        5 years ago

        Do you write strictly to a daily time table or have you no regime  whatsoever?

      • Favourite quotes.

        Favourite quotes.

        5 years ago

        One of my favourite quotes is; 'The Serenity Prayer'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.What are your favourite...

      • Message sending.

        Message sending.

        5 years ago

        I hadn't been on HubPages for awhile until I returned last week to see that the layout had changed somewhat and this was definitely a move for the better.This query of mine will probably be simple but how do I send a...

      • Submit For Publication.

        Submit For Publication.

        5 years ago

        I have just published a hub as always but today instead of saying it's been published;it says that it has been submitted and will be published as soon as someone has reviewed it. Is this a new feature or not ??Eddy.

      • Hubbers score ??

        Hubbers score ??

        5 years ago

        Up until a few months ago my hubber score was always in the top 90s;then for no apparent reason it dwindled down to the lower 80s and has never risen back to the original high score .I have more followers and also more...

      • Bookmark.


        5 years ago

        Can anyone tell me where the bookmark link has gone ??I always like to bookmark favourite hubs in various categories;but it seems to have disappeared. HAS anyone else had the same problem??

      • First impressions !!

        First impressions !!

        5 years ago

        What first drew you to HubPages??Ever since the passing of my daughter three years ago I really wanted to write;I had been writing all through my life and it's given me an escape route many a time.I set myself up on...

      • Writing for other sites???

        Writing for other sites???

        5 years ago

        I don't know if anyone has the same problem as me;in the past I begin to write for other sites;hoping to make a little more money and widen my reading following.However I post some work onto these other sites; but you...

      • City or Country???

        City or Country???

        5 years ago

        Are you a city person or a country person ????I am most certainly a country person;always have been ever since I was a little girl exploring  the countryside that surrounded me with my Beagle Lassie.Today the...

      • Reach For That Dream

        Reach For That Dream

        5 years ago

        Today I had an email to let me know that my children's story book Bobby's Lost Voice  has been published!!!Since joining HubPages my life has changed so much;for years I have written but only for the children at...

      • Domestic or Pedegree Cats.

        Domestic or Pedegree Cats.

        5 years ago

        Hi my last forum discussions have been on Dogs;however I then stopped to think and realised that I don't really know an awful lot on cats at all!!I suppose that Pedigrees have to be kept in doors ;or maybe not.Any...

      • What breed of dog and why???

        What breed of dog and why???

        5 years ago

        I am in the process of trying to persuade my partner that we really do need a dog in the house.I used to have two Doberman;a Min.Schnauzer but I am swaying towards a Beagle;my dog when I was small was a Beagle called...

      • How I miss having a dog in the house.

        How I miss having a dog in the house.

        5 years ago

        I have always had a dog plus many other animals from as far back as I can remember;but have been without one now for about 6 years now.Before I was out working all day and that wouldn't have nbeen fair on a dog but now...

      • Not sharing with others ??

        Not sharing with others ??

        5 years ago

        I know that I am probably way behind in asking thise question but why when i try to share my hubs with followers does a sign come up saying that it is not recommended to do this too often.How will my followers know that...

      • Sharing with followers.

        Sharing with followers.

        5 years ago

        Can anyone tell me why every time I publish a new hub  share it with followers a message comes up saying 'It is not recommended that you share with followers.'

      • A rota ?

        A rota ?

        6 years ago

        Who finds that by following a rota you get more writing done??

      • Change of lifestyle??

        Change of lifestyle??

        6 years ago

        How has joining Hubpages changed your life or yourself??

      • House training issues.

        House training issues.

        6 years ago

        Hi,I'm trying to find a solution to a six year old Staffie who will not be house trained.Rocky has  been rescued by my daughter about 8 months ago. He is the perfect pet, and so sweet natured except he will not do...

      • Elite hubbers.

        Elite hubbers.

        6 years ago

        I have been curious as to how some hubbers are elite hubbers.What does it entail to become an elite hubber ?

      • Your own novel !!

        Your own novel !!

        6 years ago

        How many of you out there have a novel on the go,you know it has potential but you can't get yourself into gear to get beyond the first chapter ?

      • Google Adsense

        Google Adsense

        6 years ago

        I have an adsense account but I haven't set it up properly in connection with my hubpages account. How do I link each hub to the account?

      • Begin the day.

        Begin the day.

        6 years ago

        Please carry on the thread;I feel great today because..............

      • Hubpages to Googlemail.

        Hubpages to Googlemail.

        6 years ago

        I have just noticed that I am not having message alerts to let me know when someone has commented on my hubs. ??? This has only come about since last night.

      • Your final hub ??!!

        Your final hub ??!!

        6 years ago

        If you were only allowed one last hub to write, what would you write about?

      • How has HubPages changed your life?

        How has HubPages changed your life?

        6 years ago

        HubPages has made a great difference in my life and I would to know whether this community has made a great difference to anyone else's life as well.

      • Silence is golden ? Or maybe not!!

        Silence is golden ? Or maybe not!!

        7 years ago

        Hi, I wonder how many people find that they cannot write in total silence? I have to have musicor something even if it is only background noise. I always wrote with six chidren running round me and I was just wondering...

      • Publishing children's stories on HP?

        Publishing children's stories on HP?

        7 years ago

        Are we totally eliminating any chance we may have of finding a publisher when we have already published these stories here on HP?

      • Self publishing.

        Self publishing.

        7 years ago

        What opinions do you have on self publishing?

      • Profile details.

        Profile details.

        7 years ago

        Would I be able to change the 'Joined 5 months' ago on my profile when I only joined 2 months ago ? Nothing major but I just wanted it to be correct.

      • Boosting self confidence.

        Boosting self confidence.

        7 years ago

        I wondered how many out there who thinks like I do, in that HP have played a big part in boosting their self confidence.