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I am a mystery that remains unsolved...

I want to keep that starting line, because, I do feel that it is indeed what I am. I actually think most of us are a mystery that remains unsolved.

What I have learned in this forty plus years of my life, is that we continue this journey to find ourselves. Well, maybe I can't speak for everyone on that, I may be putting everyone in my own shoes. Even so, I feel that is the truth. I think that the journey of discovery never ends, or is it a journey of discovery? It could be a road full of different people we become at distinctive times? See, I told you...I was a mystery. I analyze everything at this point in my life. 

To give an example of what I mean; when I initially wrote my bio for this page, I wrote it in third person. I felt during that time, it would sound more professional. I came here after writing freelance for several months and getting discouraged with that process. It was all uniform writing. It was full of facts, and somewhat like writing a homework assignment when you get down to it. Along with that type of fun stuff, you get pennies for pay, and no credit for your own work. I have now reverted back to my bio to write it in just the way I feel most comfortable. In first person. I want to talk to people with my words, it's more of the type of person I am now. 

So, I actually signed up for this page a year before I started writing here. In a way, I'm cheating when it comes to my anniversary here every year. I should be one year under what is listed at the side of my front page here. However, that is not a great big deal I suppose. :)

Anyway, I was somewhat stuck in a certain type of style of writing when I came here. I was discouraged, because I knew what I was writing wasn't how I wanted to write. It wasn't who I was as a writer, or what I felt would make my own unique statement in the world of writing. 

Like everyone else, and I'm just guessing; I wanted to be an original author. I wanted to write out personal and passionate pieces. I decided to try my hand at poetry, and I fell in love with the process of that type of creating. 

Poetry is still what I like to focus on, but I do dabble in other forms of writing as well; topics of everyday life and what is happening throughout the world, or something I may be interested in and feel like sharing with others. On occasion, I will place a poem with these types of articles too if I'm inspired to do so. Although, everything I write is written from my personal perspective now. I don't like dealing in researched facts, but I place them when necessary. 

In a nutshell,this is my own personal page of prose and poetry along with my way of writing articles on current events and interests. I hope you all enjoy!! 

Many thanks for stopping by. ~Missy



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