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Hello, and welcome to my Hubpage! I sincerely hope you find many things here that spark your curiosity.

To start, I write poetry the most, but I never settle with one genre, because usually, I talk about what is on my mind more as to what I find is factual boring pieces. By that I mean, I don't write articles that list fact, after fact, after fact. I write meaningful pieces that may strike up an intellectual discussion. I want to engage with the readers not join in on a common fact-based subject matter that when you are through reading it; you will forget it and go on with your business. I want you to leave my page feeling like there is something to think about. If it is something in the news, it will be in my own opinionated words.

I hope I have struck an interest with you- the reader- to my writing with this bio, and I wish you many returns to my page of realism!! Happy Reading!!

All articles and poetry are copyrighted ©MissySmith

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