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Christofer French is a Life Coach, former Pastoral Counselor and Author.  In the 70's, as a pastoral counselor, he moved into a position with the church's foundation.  There, he worked for the foundation being an editor, public speaker and fundraiser, then the foundation dissolved.  Then followed a few years of marketing and a move to the mountains where he had 25 years of paralegal work in law firms, paralegal education, a corporate job in a big corporation and one of those financial services institutions.   

Raised in a theatre faimily living on both coasts, he watched his Mom and Dad on TV and Movies and the professional and community theatre stage.  His own career began on stage as a "Baby Tom Sawyer" walking on stage with a coon skin hat.  He won an award playing "Peter Van Daan" in a production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" in Texas.  Stage managing numerous musical productions, he lived with the process of watching theatrical productions being born.  Barry Corbin, well known character actor in Hollywood, starred in "Roshomon" under his father Burt French.  Chris was the Stage Manager, as a high school student on this production.  G.W. Bailey, another Hollywood character actor also starred in Music Man under Burt French's direction during this same period in West Texas.

The next Stage of his life can be summed up in one word - Religion.  He Went to a liberal arts school with theological training, became Student Body President and graduated to go into the ministry and became employed in a Foundation connected to the Church, He developed Public Speaking and Writing Skills.   In 1980, he arrived in Denver, determined to start a new life after becoming disassociated from his church.  This began the 25 year paralegal career.

During the years of the 90's and beyond, he wrote a book and was published by Little Brown and Co. of Boston.  It was a textbook called "The Professional Paralegal Job Search".  During this time, he also obtained a Masters and Psy.D. from California Coast University in Santa Ana, California in 2003.  In 2009 he wrote a book:  "How to Get Along with All Those Sun Signs" (Amazon) to package the 78 potential matchups in the Zodiac.  They are broken out separately on this site. 

His unique astrological background began in independent study as he started a life time of studying comparative religion, the occult, the esoteric and the mythological.   All of these studies combined in him an appreciation for all of the "reaching to the heavens" that man does.  He thus became a "Syncretist" - one who blends divergent ideas with the commonalities that they share and the contrasts that they present.

He believes that astrology as a body of knowledge was given to man so that we could understand how individuality plays itself out from lifetime to lifetime. Blessed with our free will, we can learn through our own self study and the study of our loved ones how we can make better use of our time in each life.

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