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I have many interests. That's why they call me EclecticFusion.

Realizing that I'm unique. Just like everyone else. Hey, we are all special! Here's a few facts/quirks/weirdosities about me...

❀I don't like curled up potato chips. I only eat the flat ones.

❀I brush my teeth while I'm in the shower.

❀At the moment, I have 17,000 emails in my inbox. None are from friends. Two are from me.

❀I like reading and I usually have an 'upstairs book' and a 'downstairs book'. The 'upstairs book' is for reading in bed and the 'downstairs book' is for reading on the couch. I don't have a 'bathroom book' as the 'upstairs book' and 'downstairs book' are universal 'bathroom books'.

❀Heinz is the only brand of ketchup I like.

❀I'm one $1000 class away from a college degree.

❀I like The Ramones.

❀I like the smell of Mr. Bubbles.

❀I love the hour just before dawn.

❀I still color in coloring books.

❀I love how silent the world can be when snow falls at midnight.

❀My favorite way to eat popcorn is dunking it in melted chocolate.

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