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62 year old cop, retired twice and still working in the business. collector of old mausers, hand mand switchblads and my garden is formost now. I have been married forĀ 30 years to a red head I met in jail in Tampa Fla. We have 10 acres with our own house we built, a tractor, three dogs and I now have a new Kidney Thanks to a dear friend who only had a need for just one of his own.

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  • ``reboot your life`

    ``reboot your life`

    7 months ago

    When I was 17, a clip from Frank Sinatra's life. Sometimes a song says it all, if your 15 or 55 someone has written a song about your life. It seems real easy to set back and double guess what happens in someone...

  • The last Norwegian standing

    The last Norwegian standing

    4 months ago

    Next two generations non speeking I'm the last male non speeking norwegen Duluth, home town its all down hill from here The old mill in Fergus Fall, Mn on my way to school every morning My dad served in WW11 aboard...