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I have had a varied career. On HP, I post my poetry mainly. But in addition, I am a trained opera singer and maintain a private voice studio.

I sing classical music and am a voice teacher in the San Francisco bay area. As a classical singer, I have always been drawn to certain texts and not to others. And often it is the text that will determine whether I choose to sing a particular piece.

About 2 years ago, I started carrying a notebook with me to write in in between students. I had thought to work on a longer work--a short story or novella. But poetry was what started coming out. When I write, I hear the music of the words and how they fit together. And for this, I have to thank all of the long dead composers whose works continue to speak to me.

And just for fun, I am also a licensed attorney and a licensed psychotherapist specializing in performance anxiety issues.

I am slow to approve and thank those who comment on my work. I apologize. I visit the work of every person who comments--it just takes a while for me to get there--

I have a poetry blog out there--take a look if you are interested! Thanks!


I also have a singer's blog and am working on a website.

I also just started a legal blog! check it out!


Thank you!

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  • Karmic Retribution

    Karmic Retribution

    5 years ago

    For National Poetry Month # 6 I have to write about my anger, my disappointment, my absolute incredulity, at the dishonesty, the thievery, which sends my self-righteous self into paroxysms . ...

  • Terrain of the Heart

    Terrain of the Heart

    5 years ago

    For National Poetry Month 2012 #5 Tears fall, overflowing cups. Without specific reason, each day they travel their specified path, signposts to a deeper reality-- unmapped, uncharted. Are there...

  • Altar of Graphite: A Writer's Reflection

    Altar of Graphite: A Writer's Reflection

    5 years ago

    For National Poetry Month 2012 #4 I tried to fashion something beyond my ken in the voice of a poet more eloquent than me, more word-worthy. But the voice failed me as I tried to fashion haphazard...

  • Solace at the Close of Day

    Solace at the Close of Day

    5 years ago

    For National Poetry Month 2012 #3 Think not O heart heavy with time’s solace of tears. For the day draws to its close, and as fitting, so does life itself. copyright/all rights reserved...

  • A Heart Made New

    A Heart Made New

    5 years ago

    For National Poetry Month #2 i seek a place of solace where the sands stop shifting long enough for me to catch my breath and to free the wind of my name such that this long sliver of silvered...

  • Your Name

    Your Name

    4 years ago

    a lyrical piece for your enjoyment

  • Endings #2

    Endings #2

    5 years ago

    Su primera obra literaria expuesta al público fue una poesía introductoria a su obra ¿Quién mató la pintura? en 2006, Museo de las Américas Cuartel de Ballajá, Viejo San Juan. Por: Arcadia Panet wikimedia commons...

  • My Private Hell

    My Private Hell

    22 months ago

    A poem about feeling trapped

  • The Hum of You

    The Hum of You

    4 years ago

    Love reaches down to touch us when we least expect it.

  • The Pap

    The Pap

    2 years ago

    Pap smears: No one likes them, get them done though!

  • Old Dog

    Old Dog

    5 years ago

    You rest next to me, and dream of squirrels and cats, of fields full of rabbits. I take you there sometimes, to the fields nearby-- to experience your boundless joy. Your unmasked exuberance might rub off...

  • The Open Heart

    The Open Heart

    3 years ago

    A poet's plea for understanding

  • The Uncommon

    The Uncommon

    4 years ago

    Ever wonder how we find magic in the mundane?

  • Patterns


    5 years ago

    Matisse's Studio (Collioure, 1905) by Damian Elwes, wikimedia commons Patterns of line and space fill a page, a book, a mind. The language of words, of emotion of art of music-- When arrayed...

  • Cages


    5 years ago

    end stillness seeps creviced luminesscence harbors tinged hearts in long-enduring cages bonded, and not prismatic tinsel of time tendered by bill paying spouses (partners) who sit with melancholy keys ...

  • Ninety


    6 years ago

    Ninety How can I measure a life? How does one value the acts of one loved by so many? Is that what I must do— Or may I just celebrate? Celebrate the laughter and wit with which you have graced us...

  • The Bitter Winter of Love

    The Bitter Winter of Love

    6 years ago

    You talk to me of the moon and stars. But I see the cool mist rise from the lake instead and shiver, wishing I were warmer somehow. The moon is barren as is the moment. copyright/All rights reserved...

  • A Writer's Reflection

    A Writer's Reflection

    5 years ago

    open clipart wikimedia commons A year of thoughts writ across the page unhampered by the need to understand (the various parts of speech)-- knowing only the scree of pencil across page as mind...

  • The Whispers of Trees

    The Whispers of Trees

    13 months ago

    The trees speak to me in a language unknown in the world of mankind. They murmur of time long ago when men felt the sap flow through them as it does in their own veins. They whisper of the...

  • The Fairies In My Garden

    The Fairies In My Garden

    6 years ago

    The fairies who live in my garden invite you to tea. But beware— These fairies dwell in the darkness of deadened souls and ride the Wild Hunt in search of prey-- Both human and not-- To adorn the hall...

  • The Way, A Poem

    The Way, A Poem

    5 years ago

    This piece can, and should be, read in all directions. I used a table in the formatting because HP's formatting doesn't allow the effect that I desired to be realized except in this way. Enjoy!

  • Winter's Room

    Winter's Room

    5 years ago

    Tender heart restless in love's long complacency stretches-- prying ajar long-shuttered windows of hope to light the darkened bottles of tedium to stopper their viscous liquid and to keep shutters from...

  • At Your Heart's Door: A Poem About Desire

    At Your Heart's Door: A Poem About Desire

    5 years ago

    Damian Elwes Wikimedia Commons To write stars to sing rainbows to form desire How did I come to desire that the window of time unleash the spark of soul that moves tongue in the hymn of life?...

  • The Lie

    The Lie

    6 years ago

    She walked, smile pasted on crimson crumbling at the edges jostled by shoppers who didn’t see her who didn’t look closely enough to see her smile slipping. She pulled out a wallet and gave a buck to...

  • Winter's Dog

    Winter's Dog

    5 years ago

    By four-thirty the sun is down and the winter sky takes on the steely cold of night. I take you out for a walk on one such night. Your breath escapes before you twin engines chugging. You are...

  • Night Speaks

    Night Speaks

    4 years ago

    A poem about the language of the night

  • Happy Anniversary, 14

    Happy Anniversary, 14

    6 years ago

    The heat of heart and mind holds me hard against you, infuses veins already intoxicated with the smell of you. Slaked, but not I go thirsty in the sweetness of honey, peppered hot and...

  • Songs Of The Night

    Songs Of The Night

    6 years ago

    O my heart, I could not lie still Nor linger In the face of tepid night And the dreams of trees. They called me to dance And in the silvered mist of morning I joined them Branches dipping and swaying ...

  • Mental Health: The Therapeutic Alliance and How Psychotherapy Heals

    Mental Health: The Therapeutic Alliance and How Psychotherapy Heals

    10 months ago

    An article about the importance of the therapeutic alliance in psychotherapy

  • Paper Smiles

    Paper Smiles

    4 years ago

    The lies we can tell

  • Prayer of Thanksgiving

    Prayer of Thanksgiving

    5 years ago

    If I had had only one day, it would have been enough; If I had had only one love, it would have been enough; If I had seen only one smile, or tasted the fruit of only one tree, It would have been enough. If I...

  • Balm


    6 years ago

    Is is not within the confines of space? No chair supports the formation of thought. I move beyond page and shimmer toward the unknown. I perceive its edges rather than see it substance. I feel it permeate...

  • In Search of Grace-The Longing

    In Search of Grace-The Longing

    6 years ago

    This is a poem that I wrote about my search for grace in my middle-age. Although I don't normally include explanations for my poems, as readers get to know my work, they will start to see themes in them. One such theme...

  • Redeemed By Mahler

    Redeemed By Mahler

    6 years ago

    The dark heart hides its grief unknown to the many who surround it. Tears pierce the crowning veil of sorrow and summon the most vulnerable part, the tenderest part of the soul made manifest in the love of...

  • Asphalt


    22 months ago

    Don't we all find our ways to walk through life?

  • Tuesday's Doldrums

    Tuesday's Doldrums

    2 years ago

    About fantasy I think--that and writing

  • The Betraying Friend

    The Betraying Friend

    6 years ago

    I leave you behind You, my betraying friend And as the loneliness Wraps cloying fingers over Heart and head I retreat To the pencil and the page In search of absolution yet again Copyright/All Rights...

  • Seasons Change

    Seasons Change

    5 years ago

    reuseable art watchful eye beholds flux shift movement scurry seasonal changes sweeping in past drains and gutters finding excuse the holidays are coming the nihilism of consumer...

  • Day Passes

    Day Passes

    5 years ago

    day passes night ensues chores the same as yesterday the years pass hating my dishes copyright/all rights reserved Audrey Howitt 2011 I voted up ! flows well ,short ,sweet and to the...